Tissue please: Pregnant Camille Co’s first letter to baby

Published December 13, 2020, 3:14 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

December 12 was an exciting day for everyone—it being one of the last days to get great deals this holiday season. But for Camille Co and husband Joni, they shared via Camille’s vlog that they are pregnant!

“Happy 12.12! Add to cart. Add to #Cokoro fam cart,” the caption says about her teaser video that showed that she’s positively pregnant. “My most personal vlog yet,” she continues as she invited everyone to watch her latest vlog.

The five-minute video “Letter to You” is heartwarming, welcoming motherhood with open arms. She starts off by sharing why she wanted to keep their little baby a secret first, “I’ll protect you and keep you to ourselves, because you are me and you are your dad, and you are us. You are our precious little baby born out of love and all things good.”

Twenty-five weeks pregnant, Camille also says in the video, “I love you so much it consumes me. I guess this is what they call motherhood.”

She’s also looking forward to learning and growing together. “I’ll teach you things so you can be the person I can be, and you’ll teach me things to become the best mom I can be.” She ends the video, “You, my love, are the best gift the world has ever given me. I love you, my little one.”

The next day, she posted her very first maternity shoot, “Thank you to the team for making this last minute shoot possible! Didn’t think I wanted a shoot but who knows what I’ll look like by my third trimester.”