Published December 13, 2020, 10:44 AM

by Joee Guilas

With only 11 days left before Christmas, it should be appropriate to share this story about genuine concern, humility and forgiveness between a known Talent Manager and a multi-media artist (radio, online, television and print) who was the Manager’s erstwhile favorite ward until a misunderstanding brought them apart several years back. Christmas, after all, is also about reconciliation and the mending of broken relationships, which I’d love for these two people to finally do in this special season of love and generosity.

Before I get started with the present narrative, let me give you a dose of history about the two. Before their lives crossed, multi-media artist was already a very promising, recognizable figure. Given his wit and natural flair for comedy, he managed to land himself various TV hosting jobs, a top-rating radio program and some showbiz-related projects here and there. While already earning quite substantially from his various undertakings, I knew he was struggling within himself to level up his game since he knew that he could definitely do more but didn’t know how to do it.

Talent Manager, on the other hand, is a hotshot professional starmaker. He has, in his stable, a good number of big-named celebrities and is an easily a recognizable force in the entertainment industry, including in the big television networks he usually deals his stars to have projects with.

Through his own initiative with a little bit of prodding coming from me, it was the artist that actually sought the Talent Manager’s help to try him out as a talent. Call it God’s perfect time for the two, the career maker gladly accepted the artist’s request and the rest, as they say, is history.

Under his mentor’s tutelage, the artist was quickly tuned into a true popular celebrity–getting booked for guestings left and right; signing-up for hosting deals for some high-profile shows; inking commercial endorsement contracts that raked in mega-bucks; and even bagging other lucrative media offers.

The issue that eventually brought these two people apart had nothing to do with money. Both eventually had more than enough between them to even make financials an issue. Their deal breaker was love. Artist fell deeply in-love with somebody who, the Manager was not in favor of because he thought the person was a wrong career move for his ward. The talent, naturally rebelled against the manager’s meddling into his personal affairs especially those that concern his heart. So just like that, they separated with heavy hearts for each other.

The manager, naturally, went on doing what he does best—managing his other talents’ careers and his own. The artist, on the other hand, lost some of his high-paying projects, but still manages to somehow sustain his relevance by doing radio, print, some television and online shows, wherein he still makes a significant amount of dough.

Recently, the talent got himself involved in a controversy with a senior star who belittled the artist’s capabilities and relevance in the industry. While the artist tearfully dealt with the incident quite graciously, it was his former manager’s reaction and defense that somehow sparked hopes that a reconciliation is, maybe, possible.

Reacting to the bullying issue, his former talent got himself involved in, the Manager said: “Sakyan na lang nya and let the whole thing up his stock as a personality.” Still showing great concern for his talent, the Manager went on by saying: “He has to up his game na talaga. The podcasts that he does should not give him a confused branding. He should not lose the credibility he has earned over the years. The bullying issue would not have happened if his niche is well-defined. I always tell all my talents, including him: Be so good so that people cannot ignore you.”

Given such expression of genuine concern, is the talent manager still open to getting his talent back? Given what I was told as an answer, I know that the door is wide open.

Who these two personalities are? I’d rather keep the Talent Manager having “no face” so I’d give no clues about his identity. As to the talent, I’d advise him to have “more faith” as when the bullying issue finally dies down, I know he’d end up a much better person. For now, let me just wish them both a happy, forgiving Christmas that will hopefully bring them back together again!