10 new virus cases among Pinoys abroad reported

Published December 12, 2020, 5:45 PM

by Betheena Unite

Ten new COVID-19 cases among Filipinos abroad were reported Saturday, pushing the total case count to 12,300, the Department of Foreign Affairs said.

Recoveries remain at 7,997 and the death toll at 860 as no new recoveries and fatalities were reported.

Active cases are at 3,443.

According to the department, compared to last week’s percentages, the total number of those under treatment saw a slight increase to 27.95 percent while a slight decrease in COVID-19 recoveries to 64.80 percent was noted.

Total fatalities remained at 7.25 percent, it added.

The latest data also showed that most of the recorded cases are from the Middle East and Africa region with 7,547 cases. More than half of them or 4,664 have already recovered and the death toll is at 553.

A total of 2,330 are still under treatment.

The Asia and Pacific Region has 2,568 confirmed cases with 1,802 recoveries and 21 deaths. A total of 745 are under treatment.

Europe has 1,416 cases and 1,010 of them have already recovered. A total of 97 deaths were reported in the region and 309 patients are under treatment.

The Americas have 769 cases with 521 recoveries and 189 deaths. Fifty-nine are active cases.