Filipino BL series Gameboys Level-Up Edition will be available globally on this streaming service come December

Published December 10, 2020, 10:22 AM

by Jerico Villamonte

Netflix will release the popular Filipino BL (Boys Love) web-series Gameboys globally as Gameboys Level-Up Edition, featuring previously unreleased scenes.

If you have not jumped-in on the bandwagon, Gameboys, created by The IdeaFirst Company, follows two live-stream gamers, Cairo (Elijah Canlas) and Gavreel (Kokoy de Santos), who are rivals online but match in the game of love. They find connection while beating digital and personal obstacles.

For the 13-episode series, new fans can expect a fresh kilig generating romance while existing supporters can look forward to refreshed and re-shot scenes, additional footage, new correspondence, and ‘vidgram’ stories from the characters throughout the series.

Gameboys creator Jun Robles Lana, said, “Our goal with Gameboys was to create a truly Filipino BL while also delivering universal themes and messages about two boys who find themselves connecting during the pandemic using the all-computer-screen format. The global health crisis basically forced us to rethink how we were producing stories, and institute a work-from-home shoot, involving actors recording themselves using their personal phones, supervised by a small crew attending the set virtually. We are excited to share Gameboys Level-Up Edition with the world through Netflix.” 

“At a time when the world literally paused and people had to step back from all the daily routines they’ve gone used to, Gameboys was born. The show served as a glimmer of hope for us especially when we, the people in production, thought we were going to lose our jobs. But taking the challenge that is Gameboys is no easy feat. It has definitely expanded our creativity to deliver content that we’re truly proud of despite the quarantine and safe distancing measures. The message of this show has been the unstoppable call to carry on no matter how hard the challenges are. We believe that Gameboys shows a love that is universal and speaks one language regardless of gender, orientation, and physical connection. It is the kind of love that encompasses virtual connection, and we prove that love indeed has no boundaries. Now it is going to be on Netflix for the world to discover as Gameboys Level-Up Edition, and I am very proud of what our team has achieved,” added Director Ivan Andrew Payawal

You can also watch out for Adrianna So as Pearl and Kyle Velino as Terrence, as they stir up the game, both online and with the leads.

Written by Ash M. Malanum, Gameboys Level-Up Edition will be streaming on Netflix starting Dec. 30.

Image source: Netflix