Check out these money-saving online shopping tips from Lissa Kahayon

Published December 10, 2020, 10:05 AM

by Jerico Villamonte

A lot of us have resorted to online shopping due to the risk of going out brought by the pandemic. The vaccine is still being developed, and it is preferred to go for the less risky way of e-shopping. With all the sales happening online, from last season’s price reductions to the recent 11/11 and Black Friday sales, we hope you’ve learned a lesson or two from the mistakes made from your past buys.

If not, you’re in luck! We caught up with one of the OG bloggers in the Philippines, Lissa Kahayon, to help you out with your future purchases and avoid committing the crime of serial online shopping.

Here are some of the tips to make your e-shopping fun, convenient, and hassle-free:

Is there a general rule when you go shopping online?

I really used to shop so much before the pandemic but my priorities have changed. I’m now more careful and I think things through, or sleep on it before I decide if I really want to buy something.

When it comes to online shopping, there’s a huge difference if you buy from a reputable site. You may end up paying more but you don’t experience any hassle with shipping, returns, exchange, etc.

Things to consider when it comes to sale season?

I used to get so hyped up during sale season that I would end up hoarding. I’ll end up regretting some of my purchases so I guess my number one tip is to really think things through.

Do I need it? Do I have the means to buy this item? Is it more than I can afford? Will I be able to make back the money I’m going to spend for the shopping?

So many things to consider especially with all the uncertainty going on! It’s okay to spend and treat yourself, but be smart about it and make sure you’ll really feel good about it after.

How to maximize online vouchers?

Make sure that you go through and read the site properly, especially if there are sales, promos, discounts going on. Some websites purposely make the text style and color smaller for vouchers or discount codes, so read carefully.

How to prevent yourself from spending too much?

Now that I’m older, it’s easier to let go of an item I want if I have more important things to spend for. I can just think of bills and I can already stop myself from buying anything. Haha!

Where to shop if you’re on a budget?

For gifts, there are a lot of online shops now especially on Instagram. (You can check out my “Support” highlight on my feed! Subtle promotion. Haha!) Let’s support small businesses, guys!

Aside from IG, definitely department stores! I used to go to Divisoria, 168, etc. but I’m not so sure how it is now given the Covid-19 situation.

Then of course, there’s Shopee and Lazada! There are a lot of amazing finds, you just have to browse carefully and not get carried away easily! Aside from checking the rating and reviews, make sure to read the product description as well! Be thorough so that you save yourself from the hassle of getting a refund.

Any safety protocols when the orders finally arrive?

First, I always wear a face mask whenever I pick up the packages from the delivery man. Second, I spray Lysol or any disinfectant on the package, use a pair of scissors to open them, then I clean the scissors right after as well. If it’s a clothing item that I bought, it goes straight to the washing machine. If not, we leave the items outside for a few hours before bringing them inside the house.

If in case you need ideas for this season of gift giving, Lissa has also shared an entry on her YouTube channel about her holiday gift guide, which you might also find useful.

With over eleven years in the industry, LIssa has learned to deal with the ups and downs of the industry, including the criticism that comes with uncovering oneself online.

Aside from fashion, she also shares self-care and fitness content on social media. You can check her Instagram for more lifestyle tips.

Image source: Lissa Kahayon’s Instagram