Fun: Gordon Ramsay and daughter Tilly in TikTok challenge

Published December 9, 2020, 11:22 AM

by Paola Navarette

Photo courtesy of Tilly Ramsay/Instagram

You’d think celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay would be the first choice when it comes to whipping his children up something great to eat in the kitchen, but it turns out Gordon’s youngest daughter Tilly prefers her mother’s cooking. 

19-year-old Tilly made the cheeky confession while joining her dad in a fun TikTok video where they took on the This or That challenge. Both father and daughter had to decide between two choices set to the music of Run DMC’s song “It’s Tricky,” and they exit on either the left or right based on which of the text above their heads they most agree with.


This or that challenge with @gordonramsayofficial 🤭 #thisorthat #fyp

♬ original sound – Alexandra Karadimas

One option, however, listed either mom’s cooking or dad’s cooking and, well, Tilly just couldn’t resist poking a little fun at her dad’s culinary skills.

In the funny video, we also learned that both Ramsays love going out, but Tilly said she prefers plain food. Ramsay loves fancy wine, while Tilly chooses cheap wine. But the father-daughter pair can agree on one thing: They are both high-maintenance!