GOSSIP GIRL: Presenting the Noble Queen of the Universe 2020 contenders

Published December 8, 2020, 11:24 AM

by Giselle Sanchez

As some of you may know already, I was chosen out of hundreds of advocacy-driven family women to represent Noble Queen Visayas and vie for the Crown of Noble Queen of the Universe on December 20.

I was hesitant to accept this title at first but when I saw the advocacies of Noble Queen of the Universe and how they sincerely helped a lot of people especially during this pandemic, I agreed to join this pageant mainly to have a larger platform for my advocacy — venture philanthropy – helping the poor to have sustainable livelihood by financing micro businesses for them.

Instead of giving fish we teach them how to fish. But this column will not be about me but about my fellow queens from all over the The world who are participating in this advocacy-driven international pageant.

Meet Miss India, Aditi Ahuja, an artist, educator, and philanthropist. Her advocacy is to Empower each one to believe in the Potential of Life irrespective of gender, age, religious belief and social status, through Art, Culture & Education. Megan Camaisa, our Noble Queen from Southern California is an American equestrian and publisher of Risen Magazine that features A-list celebrities in Hollywood. For years, she has been helping the poor and abused women and she has made this her lifelong advocacy.

Janeen Streetman is proud to be apart of the Noble Queens of the Universe representing the West Coast of the United States. Her mission is to empower women all over the world to live their best lives as their best selves starting with self love and care. Queen Remari Dinogan from the East Coast has almost the same advocacy of self-care but more on the health side as she was diagnosed with fibro-muscular dysplasia but has been surviving for years because she has learned to listen to her body. Queen Anna Perez of Pampanga is a nurse and her advocacy is promoting mental health, especially in these pandemic times.

Our queen from Antipolo is Catherine Coo Pulido- Catalan, a professor and as part of the academe, her advocacy is to open the minds of her students to help in their communities and be a channels of blessing to other people. Noble Queen Vietnam Liza Castillo is a single mother and would like to dedicate her advocacy to helping single mothers just like herself. I will continue to talk about my other noble queens in my next column next week. There are many other noble queens I have not yet met but would love to write about them soon.