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Published December 7, 2020, 8:31 PM

by Ronald Jayme

Readers’ Photo Corner

By Raffy Paredes

Now through December 31st, you can stream all classes featured at the Nikon School

Online at no cost. Normally, these classes cost between $15 and $50 each. Each course is

taught by a professional photographer and features in-depth lessons to improve your

photo-taking skills. However, although it is called the “Nikon School Online,” you do not need to own a Nikon camera to take advantage of these free courses. A few classes focus on Nikon-specific gear, but most of the classes available focus on photography as a skill set and how to improve. You will need to sign up and provide your name and an email address before you can watch. But don’t worry, you can opt out of receiving marketing emails after signing up. (Source:

JT from the YouTube channel Run N Gun has put together a quick video that takes you through 10 easy macro photography ideas you can try from the comfort of your own home. The 10 ideas covered in the video are Plants and Leaves, Fancy glasses, Backlit water droplets, Jewelry (watches), A block of ice, Musical instruments, Neon lights,

Wood grain, Mechanical parts (nuts, bolts, gears), Cars. Check out the full video to see all of these ideas in action. (Source: PetaPixel)

Here are today’s featured readers and their photos.

Untitled (Gerald Gloton)

Gerald Gloton shares an untitled night photo of the Yuletide colorful lights along Jose Abad Santos Avenue in San Fernando, Pampanga. He writes: “Igniting hope and inspiration, the light decorations represent unwavering strength, dynamics, and adaptability of Kapampangans and Filipinos at large. These ornaments were supposed to be lit up earlier on but due to the onslaught of Typhoon Ulysses, the handcrafted street designs were damaged and had to be repaired. Promptly, the lanterns were repaired and are now shining brighter as the sun sets – symbolically shedding a spark of inspiration and optimism despite pressing situations.”

Silhouette (Kent Aiden Shih)

Kent Aiden Shih, a Taiwanese-Filipino citizen and student at the Yang Mei Junior High School in Taiwan submitted the photo titled “Silhouette.” He shares: “I took this picture while I’m walking along the road going home from my school.  I’m fascinated with the view, the sky with contrasting colors. I’m a newbie in this field who’s starting to love photography and appreciate Mother Nature.”

Untitled (Lynne Estremera)

From Lynne Estremera is an untitled seascape taken at sunset in Boracay. “I hope it would spread the message to not take nature for granted, and as we appreciate its beauty, we must be able to make efforts on protecting it as well,” she writes. Lynne took the photo last year.

National Museum (Benjie B. Manalo)

Benjie B. Manalo, founder of Huawei Mobile Photography Philippines sent in the photo, “National Museum.” His description reads: “A beautiful architectural structure for tourists which highlights the historical story of our country.”

Hope Through the Light (Jill Ann Carel Sumadsad)

The photo, “Hope Through the Light” comes from Jill Ann Carel Sumadsad of Laguna State Polytechnic University-San Pablo City Campus.

First Landscape (John Marin)

Filipino photographer John Marin contributed the photo of the city at twilight titled “First Landscape.” John explains that his photo is “only enhanced and not manipulated.”

Obtuse Path (Eduard Yaco)

OFW Eduard Yaco shares a black-and-white overhead shot titled “Obtuse Path.” Eduard works as a full-time e-commerce product photographer in Dubai, UAE.

The Fireball (Ramil Gregorio)

Ramil “Bobcat” Gregorio sent in “The Fireball,” his photo of the penumbral lunar eclipse of December 2. The photo was taken around 7:30 p.m. in Lupon, Davao Oriental.

Comfort in the Midst of Uncertainty (Robert Bryan De La Rosa)

From Robert Bryan De La Rosa is “Comfort in the Midst of Uncertainty.” And the photo, “Line to Heaven” comes from Winnie Atienza Banatlao, a Graduate School student of MS Environmental Science at University of the Philippines Los Baños.

Line to Heaven (Winnie Atienza Banatlao)

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