THRILLMAKER: PTV brings hope with Christmas Station ID

‘Tis the season to be jolly and sing our fa la las. With Christmas just a little over two weeks away, the mad rush of preparations for the season is starting to peak albeit in a tempered manner, thanks to the still-raging COVID19 pandemic. As what has become customary over the years, part of the yuletide excitement among TV viewers is the unveiling of the different television networks’ Christmas Station IDs (CSID).

This year, which can go down in history as a special one because of the contagion’s effects, all networks tried to convey the messages of resilience (i.e. that Christmas will continue to shine no matter what problems are facing us); togetherness (i.e. that there is always reason to celebrate when we are one with our families and loved ones); and contentment (that we must be happy with whatever we have this season) in their holiday productions. Of course, the differentiating factors for these Station IDs were the song used and the actual execution of the end-material.

A surprise entry to this year’s CSID race is the government network’s “Tuloy Ang Pasko, Basta Magkakasama Tayo.” Surprise, because it is very seldom that we see the traditionally “very serious” government people joining a very “entertainment” “showbiz-zy” venture and also because their end-product this year also made us take notice and realize that they too can be very good at this.

PTV news personalities having fun while doing the shoot

More than showing the almost expected footages of people affected by the calamities that presented themselves in 2020, such as the Taal Volcano explosion in January; the COVID19 pandemic for the most part of the year, and the howlers and typhoons that struck very recently, PTV’s CSID showed vignettes on how the lives of ordinary Filipinos—from the jeepney drivers to the medical frontlines to the OFWs—are touched by the network’s commitment to serve through news and information. The station’s Christmas MTV while paying tribute to the country’s frontliner heroes, including the fallen ones, also showed although quite subtly how PTV’s news and current affairs presenters have also been one with the Filipino people, playing frontliner roles, in these trying times.

PTV General Manager and Chief Operating Officer Kat de Castro comments on their CSID: “It may not be as grand or as well-polished as the others but I would like to say that our Station IDs is full of heart, full of compassion. Tuloy ang Pasko sa Pilipinas dahil sa pagkaka-isa natin at dahil na rin sa mga sakripisyo ng magigiting nating frontliners.”

Industry veteran Myrna dela Torre, who was the Creative Consultant for the project said: “We realized that we may not have the star power that the other networks will certainly bring to the table, but we were also quick to recognize our main advantage: and that is the compelling real-life stories that we cover each day. We focused on the stories of real people instead of calling attention to our on-cam personalities. I guess that’s what made the product even more authentic, more relatable.”

With a song composed by Jeko Buenafe serving as the carrying theme of the video material, PTV’s CSID leaves viewers with a cool, bouncy but memorable vibe and a tune that will keep on playing in their heads. (Nakaka-LSS sya!)

“Tuloy Ang Pasko, Basta Magkakasama Tayo,” ends with an important message from President Rodrigo Duterte himself, who assures how he will lead the nation into coming back strong from this setback.

“That’s the kind of message that our fellow Filipinos need to hear at this point. A clear commitment from their leader that things are being done, that things will be better soon. Such message brings them hope which in turn, can inspire them to continue persevering and moving forward until we cross this pandemic’s finish line together,” commented Presidential Overseer for PTV and PCOO Undersecretary Rocky Ignacio.

PTV’s CSID was launched last Friday and may also be viewed online via Youtube. It was developed in-house by PTV Merchandising.