Comedienne Giselle Sanchez breaks new ground as she competes in Noble Queen of the Universe 2020 pageant

Published December 6, 2020, 12:11 PM

by Robert Requintina

Giselle Sanchez

Comedienne Giselle Sanchez is expected to break new grounds as she competes in the Noble Queen of the Universe 2020 pageant.

“It was Patricia Javier, Noble queen of the Universe 2019, that encouraged me to join. At first I was hesitant I even thought of it as a joke. Who would invite a comedian to become a beauty queen? But she said I had the beauty and brains and most importantly the advocacy,” Giselle said during a Zoom press presentation for the official candidates on Sunday, Dec. 6.

The official candidates were presented to the press by Eren Noche, Board of Directors for Respect: Noble Queen of the Universe.

Giselle said that the Noble Queen of the Universe focuses more on advocacy although beauty, body and brains matter a lot in the judging as well.

“I originally passed the idea because I am past 40. Lol. Beauty competitions did not matter to me anymore. But Patricia kept on prodding and pushing mentioning my foundation and all the help I give to the homeless and the marginalized. She told me I could help more people by joining Noble Queen of the Universe because my advocacy will have a larger platform,” Giselle added.

Giselle, who writes a weekly entertainment column “Gossip Girl” for the Manila Bulletin, said that her husband Emil also laughed just like her and thought it was a joke when she asked permission to join the pageant.  

“But when I told him that the other Noble queens will help me achieve my advocacy, then he said he was going to support me 100%. I am actually also doing this for my daughter because I want her to join Bb Pilipinas 2021 when she turns 18. Just like me she’s not a fan of beauty competitions but I told her that she can use the beauty competition as a sounding board for her advocacies as well. I am hoping to inspire her with me joining this pageant,” she said.

Giselle graduated magna cum laude and valedictorian at the University of the Philippines in Diliman. She was discovered there in a comedy play called “Live Aids” where comedians likeTuesday Vargas and Ate Glow and stage actor RF Francisco were also discovered in the same play but several years later. 

“My hosting career catapulted when I hosted a noon time show. a dating game show And a lifestyle talk show. I won best supporting actress in the world film festival  and the qc cinema festival. For seven years I went around the world doing concerts  for overseas Filipino workers  with big named stars like Gary Valenciano, Eric Santos, Jed Madela, Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Coco Martin, Gabby Concession and many big stars,” she said.

Asked why she should be the next Noble Queen of the Universe, Giselle said: “If I win this competition, I now have a larger platform to propagate my advocacy of venture philanthropy. I can help more homeless people and abused women become financially stable and have sustainable livelihood. I can actually achieve My dream advocacy and make it into a reality.”