Fans react as Julia Barretto, Gerald Anderson exchange sweet message on social media

Rumored lovebirds Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson's recent effort to communicate with each other on social media received mixed reactions from fans.

To be clear, the message exchanged was harmless at best.

Some even describe it as a "gimmick" of sorts.

Gerald Anderson, Julia Barretto

Well, is it?

it all started with Julia inviting Gerald to watch their film “Between Maybes” on Netflix with a short and sweet: “Tara?”

Gerald replied simply: “Tara.”

It could've ended there if not for some fans, who, obviously, have tons of time on their hand.

Not a few vented their ire towards Julia.

"Di na talaga mapakali si ate, di na niya kaya itago ang lahat," said one.

"The beach is in heat," mocked another.

"Halata talaga si Julia," added yet another.

Of course, there were those only too eager to defend the two.

Said an apparent supporter, "Ano ba kayo, line sa pelikula yan?? Wag nyo nga sila pakialaman!!"

Another added, "Naku papansin ang mga bitter! Wag kayo!! Masaya sila!! Paki ninyo!!!"

Note contrary to claims, both already denied they are an item.

But why the sustained rumor?

We are guessing this is so mainly due to some fans who simply refuse to believe their issued disclaimer for one reason or the other, going on to harp on the same whenever, wherever.

Then again, talk about Julia allegedly being sighted numerous times in Gerald's resort only served to boost their cause.