Ding Dong! Guess who delivers!

Photo courtesy of James Deakin

There are many celebrity owned and operated businesses out there. Yet how often do you encounter the founder himself, personally making a delivery?

DingDong PH founder, actor, and motorcycle enthusiast, Dingdong Dantes is ready and willing to personally make deliveries for customers of his service.

The actor was spotted by newscaster, James Deakin, delivering packages as a partner rider aboard his personal motorcycle, a BMW R1250 GS adventure bike for his motorcycle delivery service, DingDong PH.

His motorcycle delivery service was launched earlier this year, during the pandemic while the actor as an alternate business while the entertainment industry's future seemed unsure.

Photo courtesy of James Deakin

The actor and motorcycle enthusiast came up with the idea after a delivery gone awry. His wife, actress Marian River, with a flower business had her goods delivered with another service. Unfortunately, they were brought to the wrong address and were damaged in the process. That’s when he decided to deliver them himself. In the process, he came up with the idea for the business.

After talks with friends, he started Doorbell Technologies, the company that operates DingDong PH. Ding Dong PH connects merchants, partner riders, and customers through the use of a mobile app for seamless delivery of goods to the clients that need them. It specializes in home-based specialty food and beverage businesses. It also hopes to provide a means of livelihood to displaced workers from the movie and television industry and train them as delivery riders.

While the app is not yet available in Google Play or iOS app stores, the company is working on formally launching the app soon. In the mean time, customers can already order products for delivery from HERE. Interested businesses and partner riders can register their interest and apply with the service at its official website.

We can't guarantee that Dingdong Dantes will be the one to personally deliver your order, though it's nice to know it's a possibility.