Stephen Curry has a new baby?

And Under Amour has something to do with it!

NBA's two-time MVP and three-time champ Stephen Curry. (

Oops! We’re talking about business and advocacy here. Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors’ superstar, has just launched his own brand yesterday. Labeled as Curry, it will feature footwear, apparel, and accessories powered by Under Armour’s (UA) technology.

But the partnership goes beyond just creating the brand because a percentage of its yearly revenue will be dedicated to giving back to under-resourced communities. According to Under Armour, the Curry brand aims to create at least 20 safe places to play, support 125 programs for young athletes, and open opportunities to train more than 15,000 coaches by 2025. They believe it will make an overall impact on more than 100,000 youth globally.

“We have a shared goal of unlocking play for kids, so that became a natural place for us to focus,” Curry expressed in the announcement. “I grew up doing a lot of things to give back to the community with my family—and continue that now—while Under Armour has done so much to support athletes around the world.”

Filipino fans can recall that this two-time MVP and three-time champion has made an impact on the youth in his last two Manila visits. In 2015, He conducted a training camp for kids and granted them a full 15-minute scrimmaged. Then he also played one-on-one with then five-year-old Dominic Tuason, whose moves are influenced by Curry. And in his visit two years ago, through the Kapuso Mo, Jessica Show show, he also played with then 13-year -old Justin Remo who also showed off some Curry handles and shots. 

Believing that success should not be dictated by circumstances, Curry has made youth his focus with his philanthropic efforts. “Play is a fundamental part of childhood and is critical to development. So much of who I am as a person and a leader today is because of playing sports as a kid,” he recalled. “I learned the value of hard work, resilience, teamwork, communication, time management—sports teaches young athletes so many critical life skills, which is why I’m passionate about making sure everyone has access to these opportunities, first through my foundation and now through Curry Brand.”

Steph in Curry stealth jacket during a basketball court reveal event in Oakland last month. (

The advocacy already began in Oakland, California, USA, where a lot of his inspirations for the brand came. But according to Under Armor, they will eventually reach different communities worldwide.

For now, you can support their vision in bringing the joy of sports to young ones by ordering on their online website. They have loose shirts made from cotton-blend fabric highlighted with simple designs such as the wordmark "Underrated," graphic "Freehand Eddy," and the new Curry logo which depicts the three-point shot hand gesture with hidden "SC" initials. 

Also available are quick dry ultra-soft shorts, fitted jogger with 4-way stretch construction, and plain blue cotton fabric cap with minimal "SC" design on its adjustable strap.

Up for bags too are the Curry 7 and 3ZERO III basketball shoes, which you can also find in UA outlets nationwide. And you can mark your calendar now because Curry Brand will launch its new performance basketball footwear globally on December 11.

Every item needs to meet Curry’s standard to ensure better performance. Thus, the 32-year-old three-point shooter will be actively involved in the development of the products.

To Curry, the brand is all about doing good and making a lasting impact in everything they do. He shared, “I’ve tried to embody that in my own actions, and I think it’s also something that other people can really get behind no matter where they are in life or what their goals are, sports or otherwise. We all have the ability to impact the next person and to give back in some way, and that’s more important now than ever before."