Ben&Ben to represent PH in ROUND 2020 music fest

Published December 2, 2020, 10:56 AM

by Noreen Jazul

Ben&Ben will represent the Philippines in the first-ever ROUND 2020 music festival held by Korea and ASEAN countries.

The Filipino band will be performing in the online music festival on Dec. 6.

“Ben&Ben will be representing the Philippines in Korea ~ online! we’re part of the ASEAN – Korea Music Festival, ROUND Festival. streaming on December 6, 3 PM here on FB, Youtube, and on KBS-1 in Korea. we’ll keep you posted with the links! nood kayo ha! (please watch)” the band announced on Twitter Wednesday.

Other performers from ASEAN countries include
Small World Small Band from Cambodia, Aluna Thavonsouk from Laos, Dila Junaidi from Brunei, Zamaera from Malaysia, Vũ. & Skylines Beyond Our Reach from Vietnam, Charlie Lim from Singapore, Thar Dee Lu from Myanmar, Gam Wichayanee from Thailand, Isyana Sarasvati from Indonesia,

South Korean artists LEENALCHI, Sunwoojunga, Elaine, George, Song So Hee & 2nd Moon, Soran, Daybreak, Jamie, Hoppipolla, 10 CM will also be part of the lineup.

Those who wish to be a “participating audience” for the festival can apply through this link:

The participating audience will have a chance to communicate in real-time with the performing artists, according to ROUND 2020’s official website.

They will also be shown live to the performers at the festival during the performance.

ROUND 2020 is aimed at connecting “ASEAN and Korea through music which will lead an exchange of cultures and strengthened mutual solidarity.”

The festival is hosted by South Korean broadcasting company KBS and is sponsored by the ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Fund through the Government of Korea.

It is also supported by the ASEAN Member States, the ASEAN Secretariat, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea.