WATCH: Senator Frank Drilon joins 9 grandchildren in TikTok video for his 75th birthday

Published December 1, 2020, 11:28 AM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Over the weekend, minority floor leader Senator Franklin Drilon celebrated his 75th birthday in one of his children’s homes. His eldest daughter with the late Atty. Violeta Calvo-Drilon, Eliza Drilon-Luna, posted last Saturday, November 28, their celebration at home, hosted by Eliza’s sister Eds Genuino. 

“We heard Mass at 10:30AM via Zoom with our family, relatives, close friends of my parents, and my dad’s staff in the Senate. My parents sent our relatives, their close friends, and my dad’s Senate staff Betty’s Best’s famous Sisig Sotanghon,” Eliza shared with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. 

For the senator’s birthday lunch, there were 19 immediate family members who joined the feast, including homemade turkey by their cook and Aklan Talaba by Drilon’s secretary. Eliza added, “We had a lot of cakes for dessert all given as gifts to my dad.”

The icing of the celebration? Eliza’s second post showed two TikTok videos of the senator with his nine grandchildren dancing. “It was my eldest daughter Lia’s idea to do TikTok with their Dodo Frank (that’s what they call him). So they taught him first the steps and practiced a few times before they finally recorded it.” One can see the 75-year-old grandfather enjoying practicing some dance moves with his grandkids to the Out West song by Travis Scott. 

Manila Bulletin Lifestyle also asked Eliza her wish for her father, “God has blessed our family with countless and wonderful blessings that we couldn’t ask for more. My wish for my dad is to maintain his good health, to have more great years with us so we (19 of us) can travel again after this pandemic. To keep him strong always for him to enjoy his 9 apos while they are growing up—doing TikTok with him, swim, and just bond with him. I also wish he can enjoy all his beautiful plants at home (He is the original and certified plantito by the way), I pray he will always be safe and be protected by the angels above. I also wish that he can continue to help and share his blessings to other people in need because he and Tita Mila have been doing this for so many years, and may his life be filled with love every single day.”