VIRAL: How this friend’s P20 birthday greeting got noticed

This viral birthday post just proves that you can still give the best presents without breaking the bank. Just like 24-year-old Allawali “Ar-j” Ranul Sta. Maria who thought of this simple but very thoughtful birthday surprise greeting for his good friend Resty Camahalan. 

Ar-j shared with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle that he really wanted to make his birthday greeting a unique and special one. “Actually, I only had four copies made since it also costs P5 per print. I just taped and transferred it around the town of Zamboanga City.” He taped it in wooden posts, signages, and even in the restroom. He also kept all the four copies afterward. He candidly replied,“I might get reprimanded for leaving them behind.”

At 12 midnight sharp, he posted all the photos and tagged his friend Resty. Admittedly, he was unsure if he should post them for fear of offending the celebration, but he knows her well enough that she won’t take this greeting in a negative way. “Happy happy birthday! Sabi ko naman sa iyo sobrang proud ako na kaibigan kita at gusto ko malaman ng buong Zamboanga City na birthday mo ngayon.” His birthday wish for her is that she continues to have that positive outlook and share her positive and good vibes to the people around her, especially when she smiles or laughs. 

As soon as Resty saw the post, she showed her father who couldn’t stop laughing as well. We asked Ar-j if he had anything else up his sleeves, “None. I told her that that’s my gift—for the entire Zamboanga City to greet her, but I didn’t expect that the whole Philippines would join in greeting her, too!”

Resty thanked him back by reposting his birthday greeting for her with the caption, “Sana ginandahan mo ako hahaha…”