#EndAIDS2030: Here’s a 10-year countdown to an AIDS-free world

Before the world was put to fear by the global Covid-19 pandemic, there were already a number of invisible enemies that plague it. One of these has been around since the 1908s, when people in the gay community started dying due to an unknown condition. This led to outrage, discrimination, and singling out the LGBTQ+ communities in different parts of the world.

Today, as scientific advancements allow us to know better and understand more about the condition of people living with AIDS and HIV, we should take it upon ourselves to educate people about this disease, similar to the way we share information about safety measures when it comes to fighting Covid-19.

As much as the virus weakens a person, stigma and discrimination are still the biggest barriers to an AIDS-free world.

In celebration of World AIDS Day today, commemorating the souls that have died and people who still continue the battle, Project Headshot Clinic, in partnership with The Red Whistle and Howwwl Digital, brings #EndAIDS2030. This is their call for a 10-year countdown to an AIDS-free world by 2030, through activism, advocacy, and action toward achieving the ultimate goal. 

"The COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges in addressing the rise of new HIV infections in the Philippines, which has the fastest growing HIV epidemic in the world. But we believe that with resolute action, it is still possible to end AIDS in 10 years," says Niccolo Cosme, founder and creative director of Project Headshot Clinic. "The theme of Project Headshot Clinic World AIDS Day 2020, the 13th edition of our annual World AIDS Day campaign is #EndAIDS2030. In 2030, we envision a world free from AIDS-related deaths, HIV-related stigma and discrimination, and increased and improved access to HIV-related services. But this can only happen if we act!"

In photos are some of the artists and personalities showing their support for #EndAIDS2030.

Phil Palmos
Teetin Villanueva
Tony Labrusca
Katarina Rodriguez
Bella Ysmael
Dionne Monsanto
Myrza Sison
Anthony Falcon
Jay Gonzaga

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