Cops pool their COVID hazard pay to help colleague

Published December 1, 2020, 12:44 PM

by Glazyl Masculino

BACOLOD CITY – As a way of helping their colleague who was a victim of a fire, personnel of Police Station 8 here voluntarily shared their coronavirus disease (COVID-19) hazard pay amounting to P22,000 to him.

Capt. Jun Ray Batadlan (2nd from left), head of Police Station 8, on Monday turns over P22,000 cash assistance to Staff Sergeant Hil Mharie Ortega (2nd from right), whose house was destroyed in a fire in Bacolod City last week. (Photo courtesy of Police Station 8)

Capt. Jun Ray Batadlan, station commander, said the house of Staff Sergeant Hil Mharie Ortega was razed by fire in Barangay 20 last week, destroying all his properties.  

Batadlan said that even Ortega’s police uniforms and the laptops of his children used in their online classes were not saved.

Half of the police personnel supposedly should each receive a P1,500 hazard pay but they all agreed to divide it into 31 so that everybody can avail. 

“Since the hazard pay was released last month, we decided to give it to Ortega, as he needs it more right now,” the station commander said.

He said it is better to share it with their colleague than keep it.