As 2020 isn’t over yet, mysterious monoliths started appearing on the faces of the Earth

First, a mysterious silver metal monolith appeared in Utah desert after County Rangers have discovered in it a remote public land spotted on 18 November by state helicopter crews helping wildlife biologists count bighorn sheep. It appeared to be made of stainless steel. Since its discovery, curious crowds have gathered in this parcel of land to post on social media and investigate its true nature.

Speculations differ as to where or who placed the metal triangular metal structure. Some people believed it was a work left over by an artist who died in 2011 or someone inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. You know that 1968 sci-fi film about an alien monolith which trigger huge leaps in human progress. Some say it was Banksy. Some came forward to explain that it might be from a prop set of HBO’s hit series Westworld which filmed in the area between 2014 and 2015.

Another mysterious monolith appeared on a private property facing the Holy Mountain in Romania

But just as everything was taking its publicity to a wider audience, Utah police announced that the monolith had just disappeared. The San Juan county sheriff said the office did not have the resources to devote much time and energy to investigating who took the object away, which was illegal to begin with because it was placed without permission amid red rocks on a remote section of public land.

And then, a few hours after its disappearance in Utah, a same object bearing different metal composite was found in Batca Doamnei Hill in the city of Piatra Neamt in northern Romania last Thursday.

It was spotted a few meters away from the well-known archaeological landmark the Petrodava Dacian Fortress, a fort built by the ancient Dacian people between 82 BC and AD 106.

Still image from video of a silver 12 feet metal monolith found in Utah, late November 2020.

Unlike the silver monolith in Utah that has seen with no trace of how it was finely curved into its placement, and the pillar protruded approximately 12 feet from the red rocks, this monolith in Romania seems to be an unfinished work by those who put them. It was like somebody, or the aliens, must have dug up in haste and left some dirt and stone around it. Neamt Culture and Heritage official Rocsana Josanu said: 'We have started looking into the strange appearance of the monolith. 

'It is on private property, but we still don't know who the monolith's owner is yet. It is in a protected area on an archaeological site.'

She added: 'Before installing something there, they needed permission from our institution, one that must then be approved by the Ministry of Culture.'

The triangular structure has a height of about 13 feet and one side faces Mount Ceahlau, known locally as the Holy Mountain.

The big question is, who placed these monoliths? Are these some pranks by college arts students who are after virality on social media? Or was this 2020 making a statement that the year isn’t over yet and many more weird things are coming?

And if someone or an alien species will be visiting The Philippines soon, where do you think they’ll place these monoliths? Please let us not wake one day seeing this monolith in EDSA. Even aliens will be having a hard time getting there.

Better check your country sides for monoliths, eh?