Chesca and Doug Kramer throw 9th birthday party for daughter Scarlett

Parents will do anything to make their children happy, most especially on their birthday. Doug and Cheska Kramer feel the same way, and they prepared a wonderful and simple party for their second daughter Scarlett Louvelle.

With the video game Animal Crossing as the theme, they had a colorful balloon sculpture set up and the character standees displayed in their home. They also invited a few friends to join them on the fun. Scarlett is seen wearing a costume of Isabelle. It’s a dog of Shih Tzu breed who is from Japan and plays the role of the player’s secretary. 

The family also hosted a fun activity for the kids, decorating cookies with Scarlett’s favorite Animal Crossing characters. 

Both parents posted on their personal Instagram accounts. Daddy Doug posted, “Happy 9th birthday, Scarlett Louvelle!”

Mommy Cheska wished, “I hope you enjoyed your special day!”