Remember Rachel’s ‘traditional’ English Trifle? Here’s where you can order it

Published November 25, 2020, 4:33 PM

by John Legaspi

Now, we’ll see if you’re a Tribbiani or a Geller! 

A Friends fan should know what a culinary genius Rachel is. And if there’s one dish she is famous for, it is her “traditional” English Trifle. The dessert is so bizarre that it is described as a combination of trifle and shepherd’s pie that tastes like feet. Talk about overreacting! 

If you forgot about it, then let this video refresh your memory:

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, or rather “Friendsgiving,” a local start-up food business is selling the famous English Trifle. Laguna-based food brand La Ppang recreates Rachel’s dessert, complete with all its layers: lady fingers, jam, custard, raspberries, more lady fingers, beef sautéed with peas and onions, a little more custard, sliced bananas, and whipped cream.

Photo from @la_ppang

“Our family loves watching various TV shows. Most of the shows we watch feature characters eating or making a particular food that makes viewers drool or curious about the taste,” says owner Mei Alumaga. “If you would browse through our page, you would see that most of our products are inspired by TV shows and/or movies.”

Led by Mei and her other two siblings, La Ppang was established during the community quarantine. Their product line includes the Thai Pink Milk as seen on the BL series Sotus, and Japanese onigiri inspired by anime Demon Slayer, and other international treats like Korea’s gyeran-ppang (egg bread) and Taiwan’s fengli su (pineapple cake).

Photo from @la_ppang

As for the English Trifle, well, much like the characters in Friends, it got some pretty interesting reactions. “We felt people’s mixed feelings about the concept through the page,” Mei tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “But the feedback of the customers who’ve tried it has been exhilarating. We are torn whether it’s a good or a bad thing but so far, everyone turned out to be a Tribbiani when they thought they’re a Geller.”

Whether Filipinos like it or not, one thing is for sure: La Ppang is truly living up with its mission of “serving the food for the curious.” 

La Ppang’s Rachel’s English Trifle costs P165 a tub. Visit @la_ppang to order.