MOVIEGOER: Off to Spain, France

Published November 25, 2020, 2:27 PM

by Nestor Cuartero


The practice of art is to make your soul grow.—Kurt Vonnegut


 SEE THE WORLD: Like I wrote in previous columns, my love for travel hasn’t been extinguished by this still-raging Covid-19. Night after night, after dinner, for the past 210 days plus-plus, I have been travelling to places far and wide, thanks to Netflix.

 This past week, I was all over Europe, a continent I plan to revisit as soon as the pandemic is lifted. Meanwhile, I’m content being the nomadic, armchair traveler that I have been accustomed to. Note that this, too, is the least expensive way to see the world.    


SOME LIKE IT FRENCH: Atlantics is a French film, though it’s set somewhere in western Africa (in the story, it’s Wolof, Senegal).

 The film combines superstition, fanaticism and miracles layered within a love story.

 A young African girl pines for her true love even as she’s been committed to a fixed marriage, until a miracle reunites them.


 BONFIRE OF DESTINY is a delicious, lavish TV series set against an 1897 fire in Paris.

 Fire devastates a huge cultural center downtown where high society ladies gather for an evening charity event. Hundreds die, many of them rich.

 Three women find their lives upended by betrayals, deceptions and romantic turmoil. The highly exciting series is inspired by real events.


CALL MY AGENT: Set in Paris’ showbiz world, the series opens our eyes to the workings of the men and women behind a top talent agency in France.

One discovers the system obtaining in artist management is the same everywhere, nuances, attitudes, practices, everything.


THE BOSS’ DAUGHTER: A married factory worker falls for the charms of the hot and sexy daughter of his boss.

I’M NOT AN EASY MAN: A handsome French hunk is the sum total of a chauvinist pig, as the feminist movement would put it. What does it take to pin him down to his knees?

BAD SEEDS: Mother and son, both with shady backgrounds, volunteer as youth workers servicing juvenile delinquents in a French school facility.

 The son is a scam artist who reforms after working with difficult students.


I LOVE SPAIN: Quien te Cantara (Who will sing to You?) is about a famous Spanish singer who loses voice and memory following a near drowning incident.

Her manager hires a karaoke singer who can impersonate her to prepare her for a comeback tour.

THE OCCUPANT: Slow-burn suspense-thriller about a displaced advertising executive who begins stalking the new tenants of his old, upscale apartment. His motives turn sinister until, hmmm…evil wins.


THE STRANGER: Mysterious woman stranger secretly follows the lives of suburban families in a beautiful community outside London. In a suspenseful series of 8 episodes, she then makes public their lies and secrets through breathtaking cliffhangers.

This British TV production is led by Richard Armitage.