Feeling the pressure? Here’s Mimiyuuuh’s advice

Published November 25, 2020, 1:21 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Popular social media influencer Mimiyuuuh recently shared words of wisdom to those who feel “pressured” to be successful and fast.

“I know some of you all are pressured and questioning themselves… You see other people living the life you want to live, flexing the thing, flexing the bags, flexing the cars, flexing them shoes, and you start questioning yourself what am I doing with my life? But keep building yourself in your 20s. Don’t stop learning, don’t stop experiencing life, don’t stop struggling. Because it’s part of growing up,” the 23-year-old said in a recent vlog.


Mimiyuuuh also noted how one should embrace the unexpected, maintaining success could be had in an area you least expect it to.

“’Cause look at me, gusto ko po talaga mag-fashion designer but I am here,” she cited.

“I feel you na gusto mo na mag-resign dahil urat na urat ka na sa trabaho mo. Opo, kasi nga hindi mo naman talaga gusto ‘yung ginagawa mo pero hindi mo magawa because this job pays the bill and that’s okay. Sometimes hindi mo naman talaga kasalanan na nauurat ka sa trabaho mo, minsan kasalanan ng employer ’yan o sadyang nasa Pilipinas ka lang.”

As to those who seemingly have it easy, Mimiyuuuh noted, “Maaring sinwerte siya kaya napadali. ’Yung iba sobrang nahihirapan… You just need to focus on your own path. Don’t be hard on yourself finding the finish line of your own path.”

Mimiyuuh went on, “Life is unfair but that doesn’t mean hindi mo maabot ’yung mga gusto mong abutin in life just because you’re left behind!”