Colourette CEO responds to a netizen’s claim on Tiktok

Published November 25, 2020, 4:24 PM

by Paola Navarette

Photo courtesy of Nina Dizon

Colourette CEO Nina Dizon did not let pass a harshly worded accusation from a netizen that she has been selling expired makeup. 

A netizen named Noreen Pilapil posted a video, which is now deleted on Tiktok, that called out the beauty brand, saying that the Velvetints order that arrived in her house have already expired. 

VELVETINTS Photo courtesy of Colourette/Instagram

Responding to the video, Dizon wrote: “The batch number of the Velvetints are on the bottom sticker. Those are manufactured in 2019, so it’s impossible that it’s expired.”

Pilapil then said she assumed that it’s expired since the texture is viscous, but Dizon said Velvetints are advertised as a mousse-type velvet product.

“It really is viscous. It’s on product claims,” Dizon said. “Before you buy a product, educate yourself about it to prevent false assumptions.”

Pilapil then apologized when Dizon said she intends to sue her for the said video.

“I do apologize for this outburst, I would like to personally talk to you so you can educate me and explain where I’m coming from,” Pilapil said.