Check out Ms. Everything’s stunning transformation shoot

Published November 24, 2020, 8:38 PM

by John Legaspi

Are we seeing a fashion influencer in the making?

There is no denying that the breakout social media star of the pandemic season is Ericka Camata, more famously known as Ms. Everything. From her crazy seaside antics and high-pitched singing to her play with the English language, the internet can’t help but gush over her content.

This time, she dazzles everyone with her stunning transformation shoot. Behind the amazing images is fashion photographer Ahleks Fusilero.

“I’m a friend of her manager and asked if I could do a transformation shoot with her when I saw that they are here in Manila,” Ahleks tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “She’s very shy at first but after a while she got comfortable with everyone. She’s actually hyper and really fun to work with. The shoot went really well because she’s very cooperative and listens to instructions well.”

Ahleks, who has been a photographer for 15 years, is the man behind the lens of transformation shoots for actresses Kakai Bautista and Kiray Celis. When he saw Ms. Everything, he “instantly saw the beauty in her and wants to translate it in a fashion shoot.”

When asked if he sees the makings of a fashion influencer in Ms. Everything, his answer was an astounding yes! “She’s open to anything and she’s very out of the box,” he describes.

We couldn’t agree more. Ms. Everything, keep slaying!