You can now view this virtual exhibit featuring Philippine National Artist Arturo Luz

Published November 23, 2020, 4:39 PM

by Kerry Tinga

Making art accessible, Ayala Museum’s exhibit is available anytime and anywhere

Screenshot of Arturo Luz: First Light

Not too long ago, only those in and around Metro Manila could take advantage of the experiences the Ayala Museum has to offer. With the launch of their first virtual gallery experience, now anybody in the country, even the world, can revel in the art, history, and culture of the Philippines that the Ayala Museum proudly exhibits.

“Arturo Luz: First Light” is a virtual re-mounting of the physical 2017 exhibit of the same name, curated by Dr. Ambeth R. Ocampo. The original exhibit was organized to celebrate the 90th birthday of Philippine national artist Arturo Luz, as well as his then 60-year-long career as a professional artist.

Arturo Luz’s work from the 1950’s / Photo from Ayala Museum
Photo from Ayala Museum

It was in 1952 that Luz began his career, creating a series of paintings that depict scenes from Philippine life. Immediately showing great talent, it was by the 1960s that Luz came into his own as an artist. He soon became known for his distinct use of lines and forms with a more minimal, almost architectural dimension and style that became a hallmark of his work.

The exhibition is part of Ayala Museum’s “Images of Nation” program that showcases works by Filipino artists who have been named National Artists in Visual Arts. With one of the longest and most celebrated careers, a pioneer who paved the way for the modern Philippine art movement, Luz is the ideal subject for Philippine museums’ transitions to the virtual plain.

Arturo Luz: First Light will be on display online until Jan. 31, 2021.