This ‘angry’ artist can make a collage out of anything

Published November 22, 2020, 9:21 AM

by Rom Mallick

FYA! TG Villanueva is an artist you should be paying attention to right now

It’s been a while but we’re resurrecting this segment where Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Arts + Culture features local young artists on the rise.

For our comeback piece, we turn our gaze to an artist who describes himself as “the moodiest person you will ever meet.”

TG Villanueva

Sure, he can be quite moody. But he is definitely more than that. Here, as this week’s featured young artist, is TG Villanueva in his own words. FYA!

How would you describe your art, and yourself as an artist?

TG: I’m an angry artist. I have a lot of anger. Anger at the state of things, towards certain individuals, institutions etc. And what I do is I take that anger and frustration, all that spicy spite, and make art out of it. The process has become something akin to an exorcism. A ritual of release. A cure.

Where do you draw inspiration for your works?

TG: Dreams and desires. Also, history. People, living or dead, and how they made me feel. Books I read but don’t have the energy (or the time) to finish. And, when I feel like it, my deficiencies: my mistakes, my innumerable flaws, and my many, many regrets.

Do you have a particularly favorite piece that you’ve done? Which is it, and why?

TG: Nope. None. I am never satisfied with my work. And I don’t want to be satisfied, ever. I just don’t want to be lazy and complacent, I guess. 

What is your personal opinion about young people pursuing arts, whether as a passion or a profession? 

TG: It’s brave of them. You see we live in a society that looks down on the arts. Some people consider it frivolous, unnecessary, a complete waste of time… when it is, in fact, anything but. It’s quite fulfilling. So, I say to those kids thinking of pursuing a career in the arts to just go for it. Find your voice, believe in it, work hard, and never apologize. 

Any message you want to give to aspiring artists? 

TG: If you’ve made up your mind and you’re sure you want to go down this path, this is my advice: Pay attention to the work. Because it truly is all about the work. Long after you and I are gone, our work, and the worlds we create, will live on and on and on. It is what defines us. Your work is your legacy.

You can check out more of TG’ works on his IG: @tgvillanueva_studio