CHR: Significant challenges on children’s rights remain

Published November 21, 2020, 2:14 PM

by Czarina Nicole Ong Ki

The Commission on Human Rights lauded the strides made by the country on child’s rights but said that significant challenges still remain for girls, children with disabilities, and children from vulnerable sectors of society.

“While notable progress has been achieved in the past three decades, significant challenges remain, in particular for girls, children with disabilities, and children in disadvantaged and vulnerable situations, especially in this time of pandemic,” the CHR said on Twitter as the 31st anniversary of the signing of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child was observed last Friday.

The convention protects the rights of all children, everywhere, to be free from discrimination, violence, and neglect.

It coincided with Universal Children’s Rights Day which recognizes that children have rights and they should be empowered to claim them.

“This anniversary creates a momentum for the international community to step up its efforts to make children thrive, and to renew their commitment to protect and promote all their human rights,” the CHR said.

There are four important aspects of children’s rights based on the convention.

Article 2 provides that children face non-discrimination, Article 3 covers the best interest of the child, Article 6 is right to life and development, and Article 12 is the right to be heard.

The CHR stressed that all children deserve sufficient food and housing to enable them to have the chance to grow up healthily. They also deserve access to clean water and proper hygiene and sanitation.

Whenever children get sick, the CHR said it is their right to have proper medical attention. It is also the right of every child to get an education and be taught good manners and right conduct.

“Ito ay ang karapatan ng mga bata na matugunan ang lahat ng kanilang pangangailangan upang sila ay mabuhay nang maayos, mapayapa, at may dignidadbilang tao at bilang bata (It is the right of children to have all their needs met so that they can live well, peacefully, and with dignity as human beings and as children),” the CHR said.