Japan Film Festival Plus features treats for fans of animation

Published November 19, 2020, 10:56 AM

by Angie Chui


The stage is all set for the Japan Film Festival Plus, the first time that the event will be held online. This year’s offering offers a bevy of choices for animation lovers all across the country.

The Japan Film Festival Plus is a collaboration between Japan Foundation Asian Center, JT International (Philippines), the Film Development Council of the Philippines, and the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines and SM Cinema.

Formerly known as the Eigasai, this year’s festival will feature 28 short and full-length films which will be available for nine days from November 20-29, 2020.

“In this time when we can’t go out and visit places, films allow us to take glimpses into new worlds, experience things, see places, and gain new perspectives while staying safe in the confines of our homes. Online movies have become the trend due to the pandemic. The Internet has also become a venue for instant exchange of information and culture,” said Suzuki Ben, director of the Japan Foundation, Manila.

Among the animated films that will be available for this period are Yashiro Takeshi’s shorts GON, THE LITTLE FOX, Moon of a Sleepless Night, Norman the Snowman – The Northern Light, and Norman the Snowman – On a Night of Shooting Stars.

Mankyu’s Sumikkogurashi: Good to be in the Corner, Tokyo Marble Chocolate by Shiotani Naoyoshi will also be featured in this year’s festival.

Other animated films included Pigtails by Itazu Yoshimi, Kick-Heart by Yuasa Masaaki, Li’l Spider-Girl by Kaiya Toshihisa; Drawer Hobs by Kise Kazuchika; and The Girl from the Other Side by Kubo Yutaro round up the animated features.

To access the movies and the film schedules, create an account on https://watch.jff.jpf.go.jp// or the JFM website (http://www.jfmo.org.ph). Follow the official JFM Facebook page and social media account for the latest updates.