Davao animators to produce PH iconic cartoon character

Published November 19, 2020, 11:46 AM

by Ivy Tejano

DAVAO CITY – Aspiring animators here have teamed up to produce an iconic cartoon character that is child-friendly and culturally Filipino in nature. 

Micah Pil, cartoon animator and operations manager of the FSquared Technologies, told Manila Bulletin that Tarci is the icon initiated by the team that aims to create an inspiration for children promoting good manners and values.

“This could be the first iconic cartoon character made in Davao. Although there are already other established animation studios here, Tarci is the first project that we only made here in the city for our country,” Pil said.

Pil said the country is home to many talented animators but many were not recognized for producing their works, while others opted to work abroad. She added that they created Tarci to help build the animation industry, especially in Davao.

The FSquared team has already created one Tarci stuffed toy, lullaby for children entitled: “Tarci–Go to sleep,” and other music and short videos, developed a free mobile game, and is now working on an animated series.

Quinn Florence Astillo, director and writer for the series and project manager of the FSquared Technologies, said that the Tarci animated series is their pioneering project in which their target audience are children and the general public.

“The story is about Tarci and his friends in a primary school setting, and their adventures. The series will focus on educational skits since our goal is to teach our young children good morals and values,” Astillo said.

Pil said that Tarci aims to be the first internationally recognized animated icon that is proudly Filipino made. The goal of their team is: “If Japan has a Pikachu and Disney has a Mickey Mouse, Philippines has Tarci – a name that was derived from the word tarsier.