Customer-centric business, key to Globe success

Published November 19, 2020, 2:37 PM

by Emmie V. Abadilla

Globe Telecom Inc. attributes its success to the customer-centric culture it has adopted for the past ten years.

Happy customers equals satisfied shareholders and motivated employees – the essence of Globe’s Circle of Happiness.

“It all starts with the customer,” Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO reiterated.

Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu talks about the company’s purpose at the Ayala Integrated Summit.

“If the customers are happy and they continue to patronize the business, it creates great financial results, which in turn provides great returns to the shareholders,” he explained.

“If the shareholders are happy, they tend to remunerate the employees well. And if the employees become really motivated, then they would want to make the customers even happier,” according to the President.

“This is the infinite game. It doesn’t end. It just keeps going,” Cu maintained.

In this age of information and communication technology, Globe stands at the forefront, enabling the digital life of Filipinos.

As the home becomes the center of learning, livelihood, commerce, and entertainment, “the kind of service that we provide to the public is so essential”.

“Globe is a purpose-driven organization, so we’re making sure that we give our customers a fair deal, the best experience and service that we can provide, with or without a pandemic,” he went on.

“And each employee does his or her part to make a difference.”

As an example, when the telco’s outsourced customer service teams became undermanned due to mobility restrictions still in place under qurantine, Globe employees pitched in.

They helped in processing postpaid mobile and broadband applications as well as in addressing other customer concerns.

Globe also empowered its workers to attend to customer needs themselves.

Employees assist sunscribers, who are still using soon-to-be obsolete 3G SIMs and mobile phones, to shift to 4G/5G-ready SIMs to improve their data experience.

Globe is likewise urging mobile customers to adopt 4G/LTE and migrating its broadband customers to fiber connections for free.

This is while the telco continuously upgrades and expands ts network.

Even during calamities, such as recent typhoons Rolly and Ulysses, Globe network personnel worked to restore communication facilities as soon as possible.

Overall, Globe instills dedication to service and customer welfare among its over 8,000 workforce.