Food establishment Hole in the Wall closes its doors

Published November 18, 2020, 11:30 PM

by Rey Ilagan

After six years, the innovative culinary space Hole in the Wall at Century City Mall in Makati bids farewell. The announcement, posted on their social media pages today, expressed immense gratitude to its wonderful patrons for letting Hole in the Wall operate for as long as it did.

“Today, we’re officially closing Hole in The Wall,” the post said. “This is a tough one. Hole in The Wall was our most ambitious project at the time. Inspired by chef-driven food halls abroad, we made it our mission to build the best one we could in Manila. It was the biggest gamble we ever made. And by some stroke of luck, we succeeded. Wildly.”

Hole in the Wall team of servers circa 2016 (Photo from Instagram)

A true food concept experience, Hole in the Wall pioneered a gastronomic feast with its selection of restaurants like Bad Bird and Scout’s Honor housed in a well-designed interior comparable to international food halls. “It showed that a thoughtful, refined approach to dining halls could work here. Seeing similar concepts open after we did made us proud. It felt like the start of a new era for local dining, one that we helped usher in,” the statement read.

The food hall’s well-designed modern interiors (Photo from Instagram)

“We had a pretty good run. Today, we just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who’s supported Hole in The Wall over our six year run. It was a pleasure to serve you, and we hope we’ve left you with plenty of great memories,” the post said.

For those wanting to have similar dining experiences, Charles Paw‘s Tasteless Group, the brains behind Hole in the Wall, invites the public to its other concept food hall, The Grid Food Market in Rockwell, Makati City.

Thank you for six wonderful years, Hole in the Wall!

Images from Hole in the Wall Instagram