Must-tries from David Licauco’s new culinary venture

Published November 17, 2020, 4:40 PM

by Jerico Villamonte

Next time you’re craving to satisfy your longing for meat, try David Licauco’s Sóbra dishes. One of Garage Magazine’s favorite actors and mogul-in-the-making has ventured into another business, this time in the culinary industry.

Working out, reading books, taking online courses, and mastering his basketball gameplay, Licauco has been working on self-growth in the past months. Apparently, the self-confessed foodie was learning more things to be good at as he prepared to open Sóbra, an online food delivery service of flavorful comfort food.

Licauco partnered with his long-time buddy AC Adriano, who introduced him to another partner, Mike Victorioso, a corporate chef in Alamat and Agimat Foraging Bar & Kitchen in Poblacion. Licauco gave us a little background about his new mouth-watering venture. Here’s how our little chat went.

How did you come up with the name Sóbra?

Coming up with a brand name was actually the hardest part of the process. It took us only an hour to think of the dishes, but one week for the name! We wanted something simple yet straight to the point with a Filipino touch. The name Sóbra is a common Filipino expression you hear when people take the first bite: “Wow Sóbrang sarap nito!”

You only have two items on the menu (US Beef Rib-cap Tapa, Corned Beef Brisket). What made you decide to just have these two for now? Also, do you plan to add more dishes in the future?

We decided to have two dishes at the moment because we want to perfect one dish at a time. We plan to add and introduce a new dish for our customers every month.

Aside from Sóbra, what else are you busy with? Any upcoming projects we should watch out for?

A couple of months ago, I launched, a one-stop shop for everything healthy. Since it’s a start up, my partner and I are doing all the leg work. It’s definitely tiring but fulfilling.

On the other hand, about my showbiz career, I haven’t talked to my management in detail about my next shows or movies. With the pandemic, I know it will be challenging to shoot, knowing that the entertainment industry involves physical contact. It takes a lot of reassessing on the part of thr production team, the creatives, and the actors. I am in no rush. As long as we develop a new system to carefully navigate the ‘new normal,’ I think the shoots and the projects will follow.

Featured image source: David Licauco’s Instagram account