How these celebrity moms are teaching their kids to help

Published November 17, 2020, 4:35 PM

by Paola Navarette

It’s never too early to let your children see the significance of giving to those in need

Photo courtesy of Vicki Belo/Instagram

If you have already figured out how your family’s situation might look at the end of the year, remember other families might not be as secure. All parents want to stay or get healthy, give their children the best shot at an enriching school year, and support themselves and their partners as they balance work and child-rearing—but this is an unprecedented year. Millions of people are facing health problems, not to mention job loss, food insecurity, and other worries in this ever-changing period.

With the ongoing pandemic and the impact of the recent typhoons, one can offer a helping hand, either through donations or information dissemination. Involving the young ones in your life may teach them valuable lessons about giving back, while also giving them feel-good tasks during an inherently destabilizing time. Here are some ways parents can teach their children to help those who are in need. 

Share your blessings

Aside from teaching her children to learn the value of hard-earned money, actress Sharon Cuneta said she and her husband Kiko taught their children not to grow out of touch from reality.

“I am grateful to my mommy and daddy for teaching me how to be giving and empathetic by example, and not just through words. I hope my children are learning the same in the same way, too,” she said in an Instagram post.

Sharon shared that since she was little, it was already instilled in her that “it is better to give than to receive.” So she wanted to set an example for her children. “Before, my mom would be giving away relief goods in Pasay, and I followed her example. I would save part of my allowance, but more often than not, my savings would go to buying out candies so I can share it to kids,” she recalled. “There is no better feeling in the world than to give to someone who you know can never pay you back.”

Frankie Pangilinan, the eldest of three children of Cuneta with Pangilinan, is making a difference in her own way. During the recent Typhoon Ulysses, Pangilinan used her platform and influence to call for immediate rescue for those who are in hard-hit localities. Pangilinan also collated Twitter threads about various donation drives for the typhoon victims.

Spreading birthday kindness

Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo says she does her best to remind her two children about the importance of being simple. “I try to find ways on how to teach my children how to be simple because you cannot have it forever,” she said. “I would always tell Yohan, “You know this is not for always. Time will come and hopefully it won’t, that we might have to downgrade our lifestyle.”

The actress said she makes sure to provide her children with opportunities to reach out and help others. In 2016, their daughter Yohan celebrated her birthday in Elsie Gaches Village, an orphanage in Muntinlupa which houses children with special needs. Celebrating with her were all the kids at the home, her parents, and her little brother Lucho and baby sister Luna. The family also brought goods to share to the shelter’s beneficiaries.

Extend a helping hand

They say good habits start early, and for doctor and mother Vicki Belo, this rings true. 

In the first days of the enhanced community quarantine, Belo and her team distributed masks and remaining stocks of PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) in the Belo clinics to frontliners who need them. 

In an Instagram post, the doctor said she took the time to explain the relevance of their charity work when her daughter Scarlet Snow asked her why they’ve been giving away free face masks. “I explained to her that it’s because they are needed by the superheroes who are fighting the coronavirus to keep us safe,” Belo said. “I pray that she will understand and remember this lesson she’s learning now, that she would grow up to be appreciative, generous, and aware of her social responsibilities of charity and accountability. I pray that this impacts her character when she gets older.”