GOSSIP GIRL: Kylie continues her advocacy to spread depression awareness

Published November 17, 2020, 11:03 PM

by Giselle Sanchez

Kylie Versoza

When Kylie Versoza won Miss International 2016, a group asked for her advocacy that she will spread worldwide.

The beauty queen-turned-actress answered that she wanted to spread the awareness about depression because many do not know about it.

The group tried to convince her to change her advocacy because it might create a stigma for new Miss International.

But the beauty queen was adamant that she chose an advocacy close to her heart. Something that she personally went through and was able to defeat.

“When it happened to me , I thought I was just sad and it was just a phase because I broke up with my boyfriend and some life issues. I was tired all the time and I kept on sleeping. When I told my father about this he asked me if I knew about depression and I just answered that it’s a synonym of sadness which was normal to feel because I broke up with my boyfriend. My dad started sending me articles on depression. I realized I checked on all the symptoms. I agreed to see a doctor who gave me medications but I was feeling numb with the medications – not happy nor sad. I decided to see a holistic doctor who taught me the medications are not needed, just the proper food, exercise, meditation, prayer life, social life and bonding with my parents and family members. I finally got out of my medications.”

Kylie encourages everyone especially in this pandemic who are always indoors to check out what they are feeling and look out for signs of depression.

“If the symptoms check out, they should start changing their routine, exercise, talk to family and friends and focus on prayer life. God was a great saving factor for me. There is really something greater than all of us who will help as long as we ask him for help,” Kylie advised.

Today, the beauty queen has helped a lot of millennials during this pandemic lockdown who have thought of suicide or hurting themselves get out of depression with her awareness advocacy. Good job Kylie!

You can catch Kylie weekly on TV5 as the leading lady of Benjie Paras in a comedy-horror series called “Ghost Adventures.”