Rubrik on the Importance of Efficient Data Management During a Pandemic

Published November 16, 2020, 8:19 AM

by Robert "Bob" Reyes

As businesses, both here and abroad, try to ride the wild wave of this pandemic, one aspect that we realized need proper focus and attention is data management. When we talk about how we manage business data, we are not just referring to the archival and compliance ingredient of administering information. Data management includes information protection and recovery that must be efficient and cost-effective.

I had the privilege of having an online conversation with Kamal Brar, Vice-President and General Manager for Asia Pacific and Japan of Rubrik – a cloud data management firm based in Palo Alto, California.

Kamal Brar, Vice-President and General Manager for Asia Pacific and Japan of Rubrik

“Different organizations have different maturities and moving to the cloud introduces complexities. Businesses in the Southeast Asian region will double in the next two years – a 100% year-on-year (rapid) expansion,” according to Kamal when asked how he thinks organizations in Southeast Asia are preparing for a full complement of the digital workforce, especially in the Philippines?

He cited that businesses and enterprises in the country, including the MSMEs, need to have the right systems in place to manage data even in a remote working environment. Based on what we witnessed during the first half of 2020, we should expect a dramatic increase in security and data breaches towards the end of this year, added by the Rubrik executive. According to him, the number of ransomware and cybersecurity-related incidents in the Philippines is quite high, compared to our neighboring countries.

Rubrik developed the world’s first Cloud Data Management platform that oversees all data in the cloud, at the edge, or on-premise for backup, disaster recovery, archival, compliance, analytics, and copy data management. The company powers on your data instantly for recovery to test or development, and unleashes hard savings from a converged architecture.

With their developer-centric approach (a ground-up API first approach), Rubrik has been recognized 9th in the 2020 Forbes Cloud 100 – within the top 10 together with Stripe and Snowflake.

“This recognition is about innovation. The amount of innovation that we deliver to our customers in data management is unique. The legacy solutions revolve around virtualized environments. Rubrik is cloud-native – next-generation technologies,” added Kamal.

The company takes pride in providing the necessary tools, education, and certification for its partner businesses in the Philippines like Exclusive Networks, Westcon, ECS, and other local organizations, telecom service providers, and fintech organizations. Know more about how Rubrik may help you manage your data by visiting