And now the switch

Published November 16, 2020, 8:23 AM

by Professor Rom Feria

If you religiously use Google Photos to store all your photos and videos because it is free and unlimited, then you have been baited… and now comes the switch — Google will switch to limiting the storage space for your Google account. Starting middle of next year, you will have 15GB of free storage for your email, documents, which, unlike before, will now include photos and videos. Google has trained a lot of their machine learning algorithms so efficiently, that they only need to update them in the future — hence, no need to entice users with the unlimited bait. Right now, you have the time to save up and pay for the additional storage, or look for another solution.

I never subscribed to Google Photos — well, you should know by now that I have been deGoogling myself for quite some time now. Just to let you know, I use iCloud for my photos and videos. Now that I subscribe to AppleOne Premium, I have 2TB (but shared with family) worth of storage.

1In addition, I store my photos locally, using Resilio Sync to back-up photos to three different storage locations (one being on the cloud and encrypted). This is an option for you, too, but it requires purchasing the Resilio Sync application and setting up at least another computer that will store your photos. Note that you can use an open source sync tool like SyncThing, but as of writing, I couldn’t find an iOS/iPadOS client for it.

Another option is to use NextCloud, an open source productivity platform, which an online photo gallery module. You can host this yourself, or subscribe to a third party hosting service. It means either buying additional external storage space, or paying for that subscription, but either way, you have control of your data.

However, if you want something that is cross-platform, and would rather not be bothered with an overkill solution like NextCloud, then I highly recommend Flickr.

I have been a Flickr Pro users for a quite some time, even before it was rescued by Smugmug from Yahoo! Before the rescue, Flickr was offering 1TB of space for free. However, today, the free tier will host 1,000 of your photos. Subscribing to the Pro account at USD59.99 plus tax/year, will provide you with unlimited storage, ad-free browsing, advanced stats on your photos, special promos from partners, and more. If you have more videos than photos, then I’d recommend subscribing to 

Remember, there is no such thing as free lunch — there is always a catch. Some users might have taken advantage of the unlimited Google Photos storage and dumped their entire photo album there, and for them, the only convenient solution is to pay up, or face the hassle of moving files elsewhere. So good luck!