8 of 10 Pinoys push for PPP to revive economy

Published November 16, 2020, 1:52 PM

by Bernie Cahiles-Magkilat

More than eight of 10 Filipinos believe the national government should team up with private enterprises or public private partnership (PPP) for economic recovery, according to a survey conducted by Pulse Asia Research Inc.

“A huge majority of Filipinos (85%) are of the view that the country’s recovery would entail a partnership between the national government and reputable private enterprises,” according to the survey commissioned by Stratbase Albert del Rosario (ADR) Institute.

At present, however, the government is funding its huge infrastructure undertaking under the Build Build Build program on borrowed money.

Based on the Stratebase ADRi commissioned survey, partnership would be geared toward building and operating key development public utilities and social service projects. The opinion is echoed by most Filipinos across geographic areas and socio-economic classes (79% to 93% and 79% to 91%, respectively).

As a continuing advocacy for an all-of-society approach in fighting the global health and economic crisis of the virus from Wuhan, Stratbase ADRi ran the survey on the Filipinos’ perception on private enterprises partnering with government to realize the operation of key public utilities, implementation of social service projects, creating jobs and alleviating poverty in the context of rebuilding the economy.

Prof. Dindo Manhit, president of Stratbase ADR Institute (ADRi) (Credit: https://adrinstitute.org/team/)

Stratbase ADRi president Prof. Dindo Manhit said in a statement: “As the limited government resources will be heavily burdened by the simultaneous crises consequent to the pandemic and the string of natural disasters, the resources and dexterity of the private sector will be critical not just in immediate assistance but in re-energizing and sustaining economic recovery.”

“The hugely positive sentiment towards the private sector proves the effectiveness and the capacity of reputable business groups in building infrastructure and delivering public services thru public-private partnerships (PPP). It will be the private sector who will take the lead in investing in ventures that will provide millions of new jobs that will give stable income to the people,” Manhit said.

“The predominant sentiment in every survey subgrouping is that the government and reputable private enterprises must work together to operate public utilities and implement social service projects, with those in Class E (91%), vocational school graduates (91%), Metro Manilans (93%), and rural Mindanawons (94%) being most inclined to believe so,” results of the survey show.

Nine of 10 Filipinos (90%) also believe that private investors can help create jobs in the country. Sizeable majorities say private investors can assist in expanding livelihood opportunities (68%) and alleviating poverty (62%).

Job creation is the most often mentioned issue in almost every geographic area and socio-economic class (86% to 95% and 88% to 90%, respectively).

In the Visayas, the top responses are creating jobs (80%) and alleviating poverty (71%).

For those in income groups ABC, the creation of jobs (86%) and the expansion of livelihood opportunities (75%) are the leading issues. Across areas and classes, majorities cite job creation (80% to 95% and 86% to 90%, respectively), expansion of livelihood opportunities (64% to 71% and 55% to 75%, respectively), and poverty alleviation (58% to 71% and 56% to 67%, respectively) as issues that those in the private sector can help address.

The majority opinion in every survey subgrouping is that private investors can help address three issues: job creation (75% to 96%), expansion of livelihood opportunities (54% to 75%), and poverty alleviation (51% to 75%).