Inequality of talents

Published November 14, 2020, 11:17 PM

by Fr. Bel R. San Luis, SVD



Do you still remember the Filipina singer Jessica Sanchez, who almost made it to first place in the highly popular show “American Idol”? Winning the second place was a huge achievement. Jessica was the youngest contestant at 16 and on the verge of elimination when she was “saved” by two of the three judges. Undaunted, the feisty Filipina clawed her way up to the finals, and made it to second place.

What’s so inspiring about Jessica was that she worked hard in developing her talent to her level best.

* * *

Those who are not gifted with a voice like that of Jessica might be tempted to ask, “Why am I not like them? Does God have favorites?”

Like it or not, there’s an unequal distribution of talents. This includes intelligence, good looks, skill in sports or art works. Jesus’ Parable of Talents today illustrates this (read Mt 25, 14-30).

* * *

In the parable, three men receive talents. Each talent is worth 1,000 silver pieces during Jesus’ time. However, the number of talents is not the same. One receives five, the other three, and the third one.

* * *

Just why there is INEQUALITY of talents is a mystery. But wouldn’t it be a boring world if all were stunning beauties and extraordinary singers? For one thing, nobody would applaud as they perform on stage!

The ones who received the five and two talents  were praised and rewarded because they made maximum use of the talents entrusted to them.

* * *

The man in the parable who received one talent was not condemned because he had only one. He was condemned because, by burying it in the ground, he failed to use it or invest so that it would have doubled. Maybe he said to himself, “My talent is so insignificant. It’s not worthwhile trying for the little contribution I can make.”

* * *

Such a defeatist and sulking attitude should not be entertained since success in God’s eyes depends not on the extraordinary feats and qualities but on the spirit behind the effort.

* * *

Christ’s Parable of the Talents also teaches us ACCOUNTABILITY. We will render an account of our gifts, whether that is a material wealth, a lofty position, or an inborn skill before the Lord when He comes to judge us.

ASK YOURSELF: Did I use my talents for the good of people or only for my own good and enjoyment? Worst, did I use my intelligence or skill to enrich myself through illegal means?

* * *

For the gifted, do I know how to give thanks to God and SHARE its fruits with the less privileged? Think about it. Your extraordinary talent, skill, or inherited properties are free gifts which we call “God’s grace” or “blessing.”

Let’s conclude with  the words of remarkable writer Grantland Rice, “For when the Great Scorer comes to write against your name, He writes—not that you won or lost—but HOW you played the game.”

* * *

THE LIGHTER SIDE. Once a professor, known for his sarcastic remarks, picked on a slow-witted student. “Jun, where were you when God was distributing brains?”  The whole class laughed. Regaining his composure, Jun countered, “Sir, didn’t you know? Magkatabi lang tayo!” (We were just beside each other!). Everybody roared in retaliation against their nasty mentor. LESSON: Don’t look down on your less gifted brethren.

* * *

SHARE YOUR BLESSINGS. A benefactor, Mr. Salvador Monroy, wrote me, “I give because my money did not come from me alone but from God. My life in this world is limited. I have to prepare for the inevitable. I’m doing this by sharing the blessings I received from God.”

* * *

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