Do more than just video conferencing with this free next-gen collaboration suite

Published November 14, 2020, 12:55 PM

by Jonnah Lynne Pante

Staying organized in a virtual workspace is just as challenging and as vital as when most people used to regularly report in offices pre-pandemic. While the online world has a lot of tools and software useful in a remote work setup, these rather become a disadvantage sometimes. People tend to use different messaging apps for work, another tool for work files and documents, and a different platform for video conferences.

Recognizing the need for an all-in-one solution that would provide seamless virtual collaboration, Lark has combined all the important features of an online work platform that businesses and employees can use. Designed as a cloud-based virtual space where people can seamlessly work as if they’re inside a physical office, Lark offers more than just a messaging platform as it also has an integrated Docs, Calendar, Video Conferencing, and Livestreaming feature.

What can be considered as the most timely function of Lark is its Video Conferencing feature. Now that a lot of meetings are done via the web, and businesses are looking for a cost-efficient way to conduct company-wide assembly and town hall gatherings, Lark is an ideal tool as it can accommodate up to 100 participants and allows an unlimited duration of video calls.

While Lark’s Video Conferencing platform is straightforward and easy to use, it also has useful functions such as real-time subtitles, and the Magic Share feature which allows team members to collaborate and edit the same document — be it a word file, a spreadsheet, or a presentation — all while inside a video call, making collaboration seamless and sharing of ideas instant.

Within the video conferencing tool of Lark, users can also access another apt feature for a remote work scheme — its Livestreaming tool. With this, Lark lessens the need for companies and businesses to utilize multiple software when conducting webinars.

Said features of Lark are particularly useful for MBrand, the Branded Content group of the Manila Bulletin. From scheduling deadlines to brainstorming sessions and online meetings, Lark helped the team maintain a smooth workflow and positive work dynamics as they make use of the platform for a number of weeks.

“In the nature of work that we do, collaboration is an important part of our day-to-day tasks as we always need to come up with new and fresh campaign ideas. In the few weeks that our team utilized Lark as our main online work platform, it has been effective in keeping the team on the same page,” said department head Irish Lorenzo.

Other than its functions, Lark also takes utmost importance in ensuring that user privacy and data are covered and protected from cyberattacks. It utilizes a stringent encryption as well as an AWS certification compliant with the strictest rules in cloud computing.

“Just by reading the headlines, you could already conclude that there are serious problems and security flaws of many video conferencing services. Lark, a flexible video conferencing platform not only offers great quality audio and video but above all, it could give you peace of mind as it is committed to give you secure and safe video sessions,” Manila Bulletin Tech Editor Art Samaniego said.

The best part of it all, Lark is free to use, eliminating the need to entail businesses for a monthly subscription just to be able to maximize all its functions.

‘Lark your way to success’

Aiming to provide more assistance to companies in line with the sudden shift in the work scheme due to the pandemic, Lark is set to host a webinar series for business growth and sustainability to highlight its New Normal Business Council and Mentorship Program.

The webinar series dubbed as Lark Your Way to Success will gather Lark executives and industry experts to impart insights on how companies can take advantage of various tools that will help them address the challenges brought about by the pandemic in a business perspective. The two remaining sessions of the webinar will be on November 24 and on December 3.

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Lark is available on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. Click here to start using Lark today.

Discover more about how Lark can help your team fully adapt to a virtual work setup through this video.