No dogs left behind

Published November 13, 2020, 3:17 PM

by Noel Pabalate

Here are videos on how pet lovers rescue their fur babies   

During the onslaught of Typhoon Ulysses in Central Luzon yesterday, animals were also greatly affected too, especially dogs which are any man’s best friends. Photos of stranded dogs on the roof went viral, and they are also seen swimming in high floods as they try to get to dry land. These photos and videos of people bringing their pets as they evacuated or rescuing dogs from drowning gathered hearts, thumbs-up, and praises online with the hashtag #nooneleftbehind.

WE’RE SAFE NOW Bernadette Concepcion hugs her black dog she rescued from the flood

Netizens salute them for prioritizing the animals more than themselves. Bambi Concepcion posted a photo of her hugging a big black dog on the stairs while the flood continued to rise under them. “Hanggang dito na lang ang kinaya ko, ang masagip ang aso ko na nakatira sa kabilang bahay namin. Katakot takot na tubig baha ang nainom namin ni mela maitawid lang namin si alas hanggang bahay namin,” she wrote in her caption.

NOAH’S ARC Dogs from Happy Ending Shelter were rescued by Marilao Rescue Team.

A dog lover who built a home for dogs named Happy Ending Shelter, also shared in her post her worries on how to rescue several dogs in the said shelter. She said that she could hear their cries but couldn’t do anything because she’s already exhausted and doesn’t know how to swim. As the flood got higher, she continued to pray for God’s intervention. And God did answer her prayer. Her series of posts asking for rescue was responded to by the local government of Marilao Bulacan. A video she uploaded showed that they were fetched by a boat and brought to safety.

Because all their supplies got soaked, she appealed for help. Donations poured as she hopes to restart soon. She is so thankful for those who sent assistance for her to get through the day. (If you wish to send financial assistance to Happy Ending Shelter you may send them to the following account: BDO 0058 0014 2859, Bernadette Concepcion and Gcash 0956 561 3531, Kristine Apolinario.)

In Marikina City, Mak Trinidad Alaroso moved heaven and earth just to keep his fur babies to safety. From his house window, he built a bridge using a cable and a rope tied adjacently to each other so he can use it to go to the opposite house with a higher shelter. The first exodus of his dogs was smooth and very successful. However, evacuating his second one, a puppy, didn’t go well as planned. As he tried again to walk slowly on the cable, his lost balance. He tried to hold on to the rope but it unfortunately got loose, and they fell in the flood. But he was able to immediately grab his dog and swim to their destination by pulling himself with the cable. In the end, he was able to save  the cute soaked puppy. The video on how he managed to save his dogs was also uploaded on Facebook.

Then in another FB post, you’ll see photos and videos uploaded by Sheng Acena on how a mother and child Aspin were transported to safety. The dogs were placed in a plastic square tray where a floor rug served as matting. The tray was put on top of a styrofoam that was enough to carry their weight. The improvised floater was being pushed by a teenager who kept on paddling under the flood which is beyond human’s height. A woman on an elevated spot reached for them. The baby aspin didn’t care what was happening around as it continued to breastfeed for milk. Shane wrote in her caption how thankful she is to God for keeping her Tei Tei and her baby safe from harm.