Love Philippine folktale? This art zine gives just that to help indigenous communities

Published November 11, 2020, 4:31 PM

by John Legaspi

The Philippines is blessed to have such a diverse culture. Thanks to our ancestors, we have stories, arts, and crafts that have help foster our identity today and what we should be proud of. 

To give back to the country’s cultural guards, independent brand consultant Serious Studios launched a zine titled Gunitaan: A Filipino Folktale Library. Together with local risograph press and design studio Bad Student, Serious Studio compiled folktales from different parts of the country and told each through designs that are based from its place of origin.

Gunitaan seeks to use design to shed light on, honor, and preserve the beauty inherent to the many cultures that keep our identity alive,” Serious Studio said on its website.

The folktales in the pages of Gunitaan are from Mabel Cook Cole‘s 1916 Philippine Folk Tales, which are adapted to English and Tagalog. Readers will find stories such as Ifugao’s “Lumawig and the World,” Bukidnon’s “How the Moon and Stars Came to Be,” the Visayas “The Battle of the Crabs and the Waves,” and many more.

What’s more is that the zine is all for a good cause. All proceeds will go to People for Accountable Governance and Sustainable Action (PAGASA) to support indigenous communities of Aetas in Zambales and Pampanga, Lumad in Mindanao, and the dreamweavers of T’boli in Lake Sebu.

The folktale zine costs P750, and is available for pre-order until Nov. 30. The entire library can also be downloaded for any amount. Visit Serious Studio’s website to order and for more information.

Images are from @seriousstudio