3 local celebrity dog moms that chose to adopt

Published November 11, 2020, 9:26 AM

by Paola Navarette

Their bond is adorable

Thousands of animals in the metro have no guardian to care for them, let alone a warm, comfortable place to curl up at night. Animal homelessness is a complex crisis, but the solution is simple: Adopt animals from shelters or the streets instead of buying them from pet shops. Here’s some celebrities who shunned buying pups so they could rescue and adopt.

Twice the fun

In March, Actress Carla Abellana welcomed two aspins, Wing and Fly, following the death of her pet named Sunny. The two dogs have expressive eyes, which one will immediately fall in love with. Abellana said she adopted Wing and Fly from PAWS so that they could keep her Jack Russell Terrier dog Patches company.

Big love

Not gonna lie—we’re living out our dog dreams through Alice and her huge dog Blondie. Blondie is an aspin who happens to be part labrador. Thanks to the dog, Alice said she has been able to be more active. She also loved the fact that Blondie is mild tempered, good with children, and very loving.

Take them home

Aside from fashion, taking care of animals is one of Heart’s greatest passions in life. She has several dogs at home, but often photographs her aspin, Panda. She came upon the black-and-white aspin in 2015 through her father, who rescued the dog on the streets of Batangas.