WTFu: The love of 2 showbiz mothers

Published November 10, 2020, 1:39 PM

by Mr. Fu

Several years ago, I experienced bullying from some colleagues in a radio station, but with the help of friends, I was able to survive and realize my worth. (my worth ha!) I left that station for my own peace and happiness. I am just blessed that there are people who believe in my talent and professionalism. My mentor and “discoverer” Mr. Manny Luzon and Radio Big Boss, Mr. Atom Henares opened their doors for me and welcomed me to 91.5 Win Radio where I now host my nightly show. (thank you mga bossing!) Since then, I made a promise to myself that I wont allow myself to be defined by what others think of or do to me. (bigat ha!)

Last week, My name was in the news. The story was : the Queen of all Media, Ms. Kris Aquino, did not want me to be part of her new show. (aray..) It all started when veteran showbiz hosts Lolit Solis, Cristy Fermin and I received an offer from a popular chain of supermarkets to do a segment for Kris’s talk show to be launched this month. (taray di ba!) Apparently, the producers saw our chemistry in our current on line talk show Take It Per Minute May Ganon. I was excited for the project because first, this will my second show with Nay Lolit and Nay Cristy and second, this is the first time that I will working with Ms. Kris. (tumatakas pa ako dati sa ojt ko sa abscbn news, para lang makapanood ng today with kris sa kabilang studio!)

Mr. Fu with Lolit Solis (center) and Cristy Fermin (right)

We were all set for the new show, until several days before the actual airing, Nay Lolit and Nay Cristy informed me that Ms. Kris wanted me out of the show. They decided to spill it out, for me not to get the news from other sources. (para walang dagdag bawas!) We were on the set of our on-line show when Nay Lolit handed me her mobile phone to see her exchange of text messages with Ms. Kris. I honestly did not concentrate on the messages of Ms. Kris because it was clear in her words that she didn’t like me for the show. But what got my attention was how Nay Lolit defended me. I did not know that she sees me that way. I was deeply touched. (with konting tears sa left eye. Left lang ha!)

Nay Lolit assured me that I would be with them no matter what. She even arranged my talent fee for the show. (without manager’s commission ha!) Right after finishing an episode of our show, I texted them while on my way home. I thanked them for their good words but I said that it would be ok for me, if I wont be part of the new show anymore. I told them not to worry about me because I have high Emotional Quotient. (nagamit ko pa talaga ang EQ ha!) I really do not want to push myself to someone or to a situation that I am not welcomed. But they insisted, I should be part of it. (lumalaban pa e!)

Hours later, I got a call from Nay Cristy. She decided to quit because she felt uncomfortable with the situation. I immediately told her that I wont do the show if she is not part of it. I have so much respect for Nay Cristy who has been there for me since the start of my career. (so may career ako?!) Nay Lolit eventually said no to the project too because she was clear from the beginning that, she wont do the show if one of us is not hosting. (dinaig ang one for all, all for one ha!)

Nay Cristy shared this story and other details in her radio program and went viral Nay Lolit, on the other hand, posted her sentiments on her instagram account. I will be forever grateful to Nay Cristy and Nay Lolit. They take good care of me not just as a co-woker but also like their own son. (na may pagka-daughter) I just hope the continuing saga of this issue ends. (daig pa ang Star Wars at Ang Probinsyano ha! )

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