Kris Aquino reacts to netizen who accuses her of ‘lack of sense of autonomy’

Published November 10, 2020, 2:42 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Following the COVID-19 scare that the Queen of all Media Kris Aquino and her team have experienced, she couldn’t help but react when a netizen pointed out that there’s no one to be blamed but her.

“Ang arte kasi. Dmi alalay. Lalong ngkkskkit kasi kulang k ng sense of autonomy,” the netizen wrote, to which didn’t sit well for the 49-year-old star.

Kris explained in her best to be polite – that having people around them is unavoidable. She also said her eldest son Josh has “special needs” while Bimby is being homeschooled. “So may nakatutok sa kanila.”

“I have been open about my pre-existing health issues that make me more vulnerable during this pandemic so the “autonomy” you want is next to impossible (hindi tayo close enough that i’d show you my health records),” she said. 

Kris said that she has a driver (because she can’t drive especially during an emergency), one yaya, and two nurses.

And she said that the people who were exposed to COVID-19 are essentials to her work.

“I think you’re unaware about gov’t mandated limits to people present in shoots- hindi party or reunion ang pupuntahan namin (na may limit din ang head count). i wish you peace & good health for you & yours,” she ended her comment.

Few days ago, Kris shared that she, her family, and her team all had PCR testing because she was supposed to do a TVC shoot. But one of her drivers was tested positive for COVID-19.

This driver, who does not stay in their home, is tasked to fetch and bring home Bimby’s homeschooling teacher.

Kris said that all the members of her team were tested negative for the virus.

A follower defended Kris from the basher. “Apparently there will really be rough days that will test your faith. Thank you na rin sayo @ovf_jr kasi it ONLY shows you are following her kaartehan. I doubt naman na you just came across Kris Aquino’s IG post. I just wish that you will not experience the same thing. And just an unsolicited advice, better pray for others instead of putting them down. To think that Kris upgraded her team’s healthcards.”

Kris thanked her follower for her concern.