Published November 9, 2020, 4:17 PM

by Mike Lim

Customer data are usually confidential and delivery services are expected not to talk about their recipient lists. However, such is far from reality, especially among riders who find themselves hanging around the same restaurant locations. Thus, certain names would come up given that they patronize the same food services. One customer that surprised several riders is Wise Celebrity (WC).

On cam, WC developed a generous reputation. Whenever WC has the opportunity to donate cash or give away prizes, WC will do so to delight the audience, who assumed that WC is the same when away from the spotlight. The delivery riders thought similarly as well, but they were disappointed.

Whenever WC orders for food delivery, true character shows, and the riders are shocked. For instance, WC pestered a rider to deliver immediately the huge amount of food ordered even if the weather was so bad at zero visibility. The threat even led to cancellation, which the rider dreaded. Hence, the rider had to brave the waters to reach WC’s home.

Then, no allotment of tips was considered. A helper would hand the exact amount, down to the centavo to the rider. One rider suspected that the helper might be keeping the extra amount, but after talking with other riders who had delivered to WC, he was wrong. WC was not the generous personality that WC had projected on camera. Apparently, WC is stingy given the experiences of the riders.

‘Beware of those who are stingy, for they would rather sting you than give you anything.’ − Suzy Kassem

Finally Over

When celebrity couple started hanging out a few years ago, many fans of Female Celebrity (FC) expressed doubt and disappointment in her partner, Male Talent (MT). FC is highly esteemed by her group and by contrast, MT was not a good choice for them. FC did not listen, as love prevailed. Soon, schedules had to be worked out to keep their relationship strong. FC had to make the most adjustment.

Despite the length of their relationship, MT started to look elsewhere. Rumors emerged that MT would entertain his pretty female fans and even spent time with an ex-girlfriend. When stories reached FC, she confronted MT. Predictably, he denied the accusations and the two worked out their issues.

Unfortunately, MT is a hot guy. Once he was caught pleasing himself while on location. Then, in another project, he allegedly gave in to the advances of a closeted actor. He was seen by a staff who had ties with FC. FC asked MT about the incident, which he again belied. However, FC’s source was reliable and thus, she stopped speaking to MT.

Subsequently, MT became depressed and turned to an old habit. Allegedly, his Said Supplier (SS) would demand sex before giving the product to her cute clients. Incidentally, SS’s rule almost caused popular couple to break up, but they managed to patch up things. Meanwhile, MT gave in to SS. The incident reached FC and that was the last straw. She called the breakup for good.

‘I cannot compromise my respect for your love. You can keep your love, I will keep my respect.’ ― Amit Kalantri

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