No new fatality among overseas Filipinos due to COVID-19

Published November 7, 2020, 6:22 PM

by Betheena Unite

No new fatality due to COVID-19 was reported among Filipinos abroad Saturday, the Department of Foreign Affairs said.


Three more infected Filipinos abroad have recovered, the DFA said.

There are six new confirmed cases of the disease among Filipinos abroad, bringing the total confirmed cases to 11,423.

Recoveries among Filipinos overseas are now at 7,367 while the death toll remains at 828. Active cases, on the other hand, are at 3,228.

According to the Foreign Affairs department, the update came from the Asia and the Pacific.

“Compared to last week’s percentages, the total number of those under treatment saw a slight increase to 28.26 percent,” the department said.

“Meanwhile, the total percentage of COVID-19 recoveries and fatalities slightly decreased, at 64.49 percent and 7.57 percent, respectively,” it added.

Based on the latest figures, most of the recorded cases among Filipino nationals abroad are from the Middle East-Africa region with 7,492 cases. More than half of them or 4,617 have recovered. The death toll in this region is at 543. A total of 2,332 are still under treatment.

Europe has 1,266 cases of infected Filipinos and 965 of them have recovered from the disease. A total of 97 deaths were reported in this region. No new recovery and fatality was recorded in this region during the week.

The Americas have 816 cases with 481 recoveries and 179 deaths. There were also no changes in this region’s data since last week.