Every good gift

Published November 7, 2020, 1:03 PM

by Jules Vivas

Assumption Alumnae Association holds an online auction of rare Jose Tence Ruiz, Lydia Velasco, Ayka Go, Abdulmari Imao, along with Hans Brumann, Jewelmer, and more

Christmas is in the air. Despite everything that has happened this year, we welcome the season’s festive spirit with open arms. Considering all the negativities of 2020, perhaps the holiday is what we need right now to bring hope and joy in these trying times. Among the most valuable lessons in this global health crisis is that relationships matter most, so whenever and wherever, we should show those we love utmost care and attention.

In line with the Yuletide celebration, the perfect way to demonstrate appreciation for others is through gift-giving. This is the least we can do for the people we cherish, and is one of the few things that could bring a sense of normalcy today. With restricted mobility, however, gift-giving can be a bit of a challenge. Enter Magnificart, an online auction organized by the Assumption Alumnae Association.

There are various presents for perusal on magnificart.com.ph. The website is replete with over 500 items ranging from artworks and jewelry to home and religious pieces. The products are up for silent bidding this weekend, starting today until Nov. 8.

Vibrant fall by Marissa Lopa

Magnificart is not just another simple auction. Every successful bid goes toward helping scholars, teachers, and typhoon -ravaged communities at Assumption Mission Schools and AAA mission projects nationwide. An item won in the vendue is a gift that keeps on giving. It is truly life-changing.

Here are what to expect in public sale.


There is a very special Lydia Velasco, an acrylic unique for being dominantly black and white with the skin color of her ladies providing the only color contrast, devoid of the contemporary painter’s usual lush and colorful flora and fauna. The artwork can be translated as Lydia’s statement that a woman can be stripped of everything, pandemic and all, but she still stands strong and unbowed.

Another page stopper is Dusk by Ayka Go, whose waiting list is as star-studded as it is long. Spotted also are several Jose Tence Ruiz paintings.

There are many other notables, such as the auction opener, National Artist Abdulmari Imao’s Family on pounded copper. 

Other pieces to look out for are those by artists who are putting the contemporary art world on notice—Lyra Garcellano, Kim Oliveros, Michelle Perez (her solid paint cubes on vintage Hardy Boys books are novel and fun and wildly imaginative). Not to be outdone are the cultural ethnic stylings of William Gaudinez and Ming Syyap’s vivid yet dreamy colorations. There are several talented Assumption alumni too, such as Joanna Ongpin Duarte, Conchitina Bernardo, Cory Quirino, Victoria Lopez, Marissa de Leon Lopa, Josephine Turralba, whose paintings will also be featured.

Ang kambal by William Gaudinez


Happiness is wearing jewelry. The jewelry section is a dead giveaway that behind this project are the alumnae of an all-girls school. Whimsy is in Hans Brumann’s “Bug” brooch- pendant twinkling with colored stones. Meanwhile, patriotism is highlighted in Jewelmer’s golden flag brooch cradling an equally golden pearl. The 18th-century tamburin of Nuestra Senora de Aparecida is all about history, and there is just pure joy in the beautiful colored rings of Las Joyas.  

Pamana by Jewelmer
Art on Cross by Lisa de Leon Zayco

More glint can be found in the ostrich egg with the Mandala pattern handcarved by Danny Rayos del Sol, and more glamour in the silver tea pots of all shapes and sizes, leaded crystals in abundance, charming lamps by John Pettyjohn.

Magnificart is not just another simple auction. Every successful bid goes toward helping scholars, teachers, and typhoon -ravaged communities at Assumption Mission Schools and AAA mission projects nationwide.


Magnificart also pays tribute to The Blessed Mother after whom Asssumption is named. An entire section is devoted to religion with wooden relleves, pictures, and paintings of Mary in all of her wondrous manifestations. 

Silver Madonna and Child

Through art and jewelry, Magnificart and the Assumptionists behind it, come home to what truly matters—faith that, undiminished, abounds and overcomes. This is how the weekend auction will usher in Christmas and good cheer.

Call 0917 5372066 (Ana) | 0917 800 0931 (Arlene) | magnificart.com.ph