Breaking the taboo of talking about death

Published November 5, 2020, 4:39 PM

by MB Lifestyle

Why financial preparedness is vital to preparing for the inevitable

Remember those days when during unplanned family reunions because of a sudden death in the family, that death itself would be the main topic? 

Think how many times when family members would identify and make count of those who’ve passed on during family huddles. Think how many would cringe at the thought, or consider it taboo, when the talk shifts to preparing for death. Some believe it should not be discussed at all, that it’s a bad omen if talked about because it might come true.

For most people, death is a topic not to be shied upon because it will happen—eventually because it is part of man’s evolution. Even in countless homilies in religious gatherings, the presider would say that death is not to be feared but something to prepare for, both spiritually and financially for the loved ones who will be left behind. To investment managers or insurance agents, preparing for this eventuality is as normal as discussing your next meal or movie to watch via video streaming.

It is what Forest Lake, one of the country’s fast-rising memorial parks, have been advocating from the very start. Clients should not be scared about death but should prepare for it through end-of-life planning, especially in light of this Covid-19 pandemic. Some fund managers here and abroad have even provided a few easy steps of how people can prepare for certain contingencies such as death, like assigning a lawyer to handle financial affairs, coming up with a will, buying life insurance, saving for a funeral, organizing personal records, and for some, coming up with their own estate plan.

In order to boost awareness about the importance of financial planning and financial wellness, Forest Lake will have a free webinar on financial wellness entitled “The FUNDamentals of Creating Better Days,” which will be held on Nov. 7 (Saturday) at 3 p.m. via Zoom.

“The FUNDamentals of Creating Better Days” is part of the #CreatingBetterDays webinar series organized by Forest Lake Memorial Parks. Guest speaker for the webinar will be Edric Mendoza, a registered financial planner, and will be hosted and moderated by Dr. Daniela “Danie” Laurel, Ph.D.

Among the topics to be discussed are centered on financial wellness, how to help everyone be prepared for the inevitable, and give essential principles on why it is important to be ready. On top of that,  webinar participants will also get a chance to take part in an intimate online financial wellness consultation limited to only five participants with Edric.

Edric is the chairman of Homeschool Global Learning Inc., a parent-led, home-based learning system spread to around 30 countries. He is also founder and chairman of The Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands (HAPI), the first national organization in the country that espouses for better support to homeschoolers and the greater national education goals. He is also founder of The Parentschooling Co., former lead anchor and writer of ANC’s On The Money and is currently hosting Fundamentals on the Plus Network, a new online channel for the family. His focus is to educate and equip parents and families about personal finance, learning, and parenting. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Danie is a business journalist, specializing in corporate finance, financial markets, and social issues in finance as a news anchor-producer, writer, researcher, lecturer, and financial literacy advocate. She is currently a News Anchor at Cignal TV’s One News where she leads the main business broadcast of BusinessWorld Live. She was also a full-time academic and investment banker in Europe, and holds a doctorate in Management Engineering and an MBA.

So don’t let death be a scary or morbid topic that would prevent anyone from getting their affairs in order and being responsible. Register for the free webinar here.

The Creating Better Days webinar series Forest Lake aims to empower its audience with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in our brand new world by learning how to adapt and create #ABetterNow.