5 reasons why we’re all excited for Medley Buffet’s reopening

Published November 5, 2020, 3:59 PM

by MB Lifestyle

Okada Manila’s all-day buffet restaurant is set to reopen its doors on Nov. 6. After a long wait, Medley Buffet is ready to welcome its guests back with a safe and satisfying buffet experience.

Here are five reasons why we’re excited about the reopening of one of our favorite dining destinations in the country.

1. The world’s best flavors on your plate

It’s been a while since our last buffet and we’re ready to dig in and have a taste of the many favorites that we missed. A generous spread of international favorites and local specialties await all eager eaters, from signature roasts and fresh seafood to native delicacies and decadent desserts. Chefs Guillermo Aspera, Sovan Singh, and their team of experienced chefs will have their hands full as they prepare for a gastronomic adventure for everyone.

Medley’s signature buffet stations are back to please your palate. Hit it off with your choice of appetizers, cold cuts, and salads. Then make your way to Asian staples like dim sum, sushi, and sashimi followed by your favorite meats from the carving and grilling station. Don’t forget to top it off with desserts from their incredible selection of pastries and chilled treats.

Food will now be served straight from the chef to the guest at designated pick-up counters at the buffet. Ala minute food will be served immediately once it is ready. This is to ensure that direct contact is minimal, and guests are treated in the safest possible way while they enjoy their meal.

2. Safety first

Our friends at Okada Manila recently announced its “True Clean. True Safe. True Heart.” (3T) campaign that serves as their overall strategy in making the resort a safe space not only for its guests but also for its staff. 3T outlines the steps taken by management to prevent the spread of any harmful disease in the resort; from the suites to the restaurants, everyone is ensured of a safe and worry-free stay.

Guests can expect a Forbes five-star dining experience that’s centered on safety with strengthened health protocols starting with a physically distanced seating plan. Plates and cutlery are sanitized thoroughly and marked with safety seals, while food pick-ups are now moved to designated counters with acrylic dividers. You don’t have to worry about getting confused about these new steps because signs and foot stickers are in place to guide you to your dining pursuits.

All staff members will be in their appropriate protective equipment to ensure safety standards are met. They will also provide mask holders and specific requests for guests should the need arise. Tables and general areas are immediately sanitized after every use.

3. All-day dining is back

Operations are in full swing at Medley featuring breakfast sets in the morning and a full lunch and dinner buffet spread for the rest of the day. Guests are required to call in advance to put in their reservations.

4. The price point remains the same

With all its improvements and safety features, Medley Buffet retains its lunch rates at P1,850 nett and dinner rates at P2,700 nett. A la carte breakfast sets are also available for P550++ for kids and P1,100++ for adults.

5. More restaurants are getting ready to open soon

Only select outlets are currently open in the resort. As Okada Manila pivots to reopening, guests can look forward to more signature restaurants to reopen in the property. Better check out Okada Manila’s social media pages to get the latest updates.

Medley Buffet will be open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.. | okadamanila.com | +632 8555 5799.